Why The Naked Hillary Jokes Are NOT The Same As The Naked Trump Ones

Photo: Tumblr
naked hillary naked trump

Why the latest attack on Hillary Clinton is much darker than the Naked Trump statue installations.

A painting of Hillary Clinton has been in the news recently, spread and shared by those who dislike her.

In it, Clinton is naked but for a pearl necklace. Her hair is perfectly coiffed. She is sitting on the edge of a bed, clutching a bottle of wine. Her breasts hang heavy and pendulous. Her mouth and neck are darkened by thick lines and wrinkles. She looks every single one of her 70 years. 


Taken on its own, the image is almost striking in its strength, as it should be. She looks strong, but the image itself speaks of the weariness of wearing a mantle of power. 

But I don't think that's why the image is being shared by Trump supporters. More likely than not, it is being shared to mock Clinton for her age and perceived undesirability in the face of what is acceptable for women, according to Republicans. 

Statues of a naked Donald Trump recently made the news. Donald Trump's imagined micropenis also made headlines. When these things happened, I knew it was only a matter of time until some naked form of Hillary Clinton started making waves, courtesy of the tit-for-tat mindset of the Right. 


The fact that Trump supporters are unaware of the political baggage a naked woman's body presents shouldn't be surprising, but I still find myself galled. Is it classy or smart or the high road to belittle Trump by depicting his nudity?

No, not really. But there's a literary precedent.

Plus, how angry can Trump really be about it? As a man, his body is fully his own.

But a woman's body is still policed, is still shamed, is still perceived by many to be the summation of her worth. 

To depicted a naked Donald Trump is to reveal that the emperor is truly naked. To depict a naked Hillary Clinton is to remind the world that she is female and as such, not what is required or even wanted. 

If her detractors seek to poke at her vulnerabilities, as her supporters we should dedicate our time during this election season to building her up, rather than pointing out her opponent's innumerable failings as a politician and human being. 

I think it's a pretty safe thing to say that this Presidential election is one of the weirdest in recent memory. 

How often do we have a former reality TV star and the wife of a President going head-to-head for the opportunity to lead our nation? It has officially happened never before. 

I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter. It would be easy to say that Hillary is the only real option, but that kind of statement opens me up to Clinton detractors who love to spout cliches about picking between the lesser of two evils. 

The truth is, I support Hillary Clinton because of her platform: immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship, an end to systemic racism, full support of Planned Parenthood and women's rightscracking down on gun control, partnership with other nations, and tax relief for working families

But with a candidate like Donald Trump as the opposition, it is ridiculously easy to campaign for Hillary by deriding Trump. Here is the part where I list his lieshis historical level of inexperience, and his casual, dangerous sexism

I have been guilty of talking about Trump in a way that contradicts my own personal beliefs. I have made fun of his physical appearance and I have called him names. I don't regret doing so, mainly because some of those names were very, very funny. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that in doing so I am sinking to Trump's own level. 

I'm better than that. In the words of Michelle Obama, when they go low, we go high. 

Rather than focus on belittling Trump, I want to focus on building up Hillary. 

And that is what this image of her reminded me to do.