You're Not REALLY Best Friends Unless You've Felt These 18 Things

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You're Not Best Friends Unless You've Felt These 18 Things

The beautiful (and sometimes heartbreaking) reality of having a best friend.

Friendship runs deep. We're all be guilty of taking our friendships for granted sometimes, not realizing the power they have in our lives. Friends have the ability to make us feel practically every emotion you can think of.

Friends can make us sad— the break down in tears kind of sad —and they definitely frustrate us. Sometimes they disappoint us, and make us wonder why we're even friends in the first place.

However, a good best friend can also make us feel wonderful things. They make us feel safe, loved and appreciated. They'll protect us and back up our opinions, laugh with us at the silliest things, and comfort us in our times of need.

These are the friendships that last a lifetime. The kind where you feel more like family than friends, even if you don't share the same DNA.

Despite your differences and your frustrations, a good best friend will always return, because she knows friendship matters more than a petty argument. She knows that YOU matter more.

Here, 18 people reveal their true, relatable feelings about best friends. are some confessions about having a best friend.

1. You really don't know what you'd do without her.

"My best friend helped me make the decision to divorce my abusive husband when he goes out of town. She's setting up everything for me … I don't know what I would do without her."

2. You've become very comfortable with each other.

"Me and my best friend are so close that she sits on top of the bath tub telling me stories while I take my bath."

3. You consider each other family, even though you're not.


"My best friend and I are so close that I call her parents Mom and Dad and she does the same to mine."

4. She always knows just what you needyou never even have to say anything.

"I think my best friend can read my mind. She came over with pizza and ice cream, I never told her I was sad."

5. Opposite sex friendships can lead to deeper feelings.


"My best friend has no idea how much I just want to kiss him and scream, "I love you," in his face."

6. You'd never imagine having a best friend could hurt so much.


"My best friend doesn't know how much it hurts me that she's dating my ex/the guy of my dreams."

7. You don't always want to burden them with the struggles in your life.


"My best friend has no idea I struggle with depression and alcohol abuse when no one is looking."

8. You can't always count on her the way she counts on you.


"My dog just died, and the one time I need my best friend instead of the other way around she's nowhere to be found."

9. Sometimes, you feel like she abandons you.


"My best friend has no idea how much it hurts me when she hangs out with her other gang of friends."

10. You can feel so different from her that it's frustrating.


"It drives me crazy that my best friend has no idea what is going on in the world. Her idea of news is a sale at Sephora."

11. He will never understand your true feelings.


"My best friend has no idea how much it hurts me when he jumps in a new relationship."

12. She doesn't know that you know all of her secrets.


"My best friend doesn't know that I know she slept with my brother a year ago."

13. Sex can ruin great friendships.


"Having sex with my best friend was amazing but honestly, it messed up our whole relationship."

14. Or it can turn it into something better.


"I had sex with my best friend and now our friendship is the strongest it's ever been, but I can't help wonder if it's because now we have feelings for each other."

15. Dating your best friend can change everything about your relationship.


"I started dating my best friend but I didn't realize how much it would change our dynamic. Now he's too shy to look me in the eyes, and I'm the initiator."

16. You feel like you're at a point in your life where you're unsure if you should be friends anymore.


"I don't know whether to reach out to my best friend whom I am growing apart from, or allow our friendship to die."

17. Ending a friendship is SO much harder than ending a relationship.


"Losing my best friend was the worst break up of my life. I miss her every day and can't stop thinking about her."

18. Sometimes, it's a love-hate friendship.


"My best friend doesn't know that I secretly hate her."

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