7 Raunchy Sex Positions For A One-Night Stand You'll NEVER See Again

It's a one-night stand, so live out all of your private fantasies!

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There's no cut-and-dried way to say what will be hottest, most pleasurable, or even the least intimate by way of sex positions for a hookup, but the beauty of it is, you can leave your inhibitions at the door and just concentrate on having fun. And that often leads to the best sex of all.

"Some people will prefer sex one way, others another way. What I'd recommend is to first evaluate what you'd like the experience to be. Do you in fact want it not-very-intimate? Doggy style, then, where you're not face-to-face. Do you revel in the hot, dirty, 'I don't even KNOW this person' of it all? Do it on the floor or bent over their sofa. I know when you're in that mood it's tempting to get tied up, but don't do that on a one-night stand," says Carol Queen, sexologist for Good Vibrations.


Queen's recommendation is to actually ask each other what sex positions you like the best and least. What do you have to lose? One-nighters are the best place to practice sexual communication. In the first place, you need to, because safer sex. In the second place, what are they going to do: walk out and never see each other again?

Here are seven sex positions absolutely perfect for a one-night stand.

1. Doggie Style



"I like one-night stands to not get too personal, so that happens to be the best position. Furthermore, I can play with my clit excessively. You never know when that guy might orgasm, so I want to make sure I get mine first. It's good to be a selfish lover at times," says adult star Brooke.

2. Legs Up Missionary

Yes, missionary is very classic, but legs up is deeper and feels naughtier. Add a pillow or two to increase her incline and allow for deeper penetration.

3. Cowgirl



Many times, if we are engaging in a one-night stand, we do things we wouldn't normally do. We feel like we can be bolder.

"Make sure you're getting what you need to get off, and be vocal about it. Do positions that allow for lots of roaming hands, for manually pleasing your partner and yourself. Clitoral stimulation is a must. Doggie can be good, standing doggie even better. Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl provide for great visuals, and your hands are free to roam," says sex educator and adult star Jessica Drake.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

It's Cowgirl, but you have control  just like in this hookup.

5. Seat Belt Soldier



Do it in the car and use the seatbelt to restrain your partner while you climb on top to take what you want.

"Release the front seat so that it reclines as much as possible, and tie both of their hands up before climbing on top," says sexologist Dr. Jess.

6. Bent Over

As the name one-night stand implies, this isn't sex intended to deepen intimacy and connection in a relationship, but rather, hot steamy sex for mutual enjoyment.

"Go for it as far as your favorite and wildest sex fantasies. Bent over the kitchen counter, sex outdoors, sex swinging from the chandelier  pretty much anything that comes to mind that you and your short-term lover are into. Who knows? You might even learn a new trick or two from him as well," says Coleen Singer of Sssh.com.


7. Wild Thing


It's a one-night stand, so live out all of your private fantasies.

"Pushed up against a wall, legs wrapped around his waist? Check! Pressed up against the window in a hotel room? Check! Even a threesome? Have at it. This isn't about the romance and emotional connection; this is about the fun!" says dating coach Laurel House.