7 Sex Positions PERFECT For A One Night Stand

Because sometimes you only want to feel things in your vagina, not your heart.

7 Sex Positions PERFECT For A One Night Stand weheartit

By Zahra Barnes // Illustrations by Jocelyn Runice

There are about as many different sex positions as there are flavors of ice cream. Sometimes you’re all about the ones that make you feel closer together as a couple. Other times—like when you’ve brought home the bartender you keep flirting with, or you ran into your emotionally stunted ex who has a magical vagina—they feel too intimate.


There’s nothing wrong with doing lovey-dovey sex positions, but depending on the situation, that might be the last thing you want. In those moments, try these

1. Modified Reverse Cowgirl

1. Modified Reverse Cowgirl Jocelyn Runice

The normal version of reverse cowgirl, with you on top but facing away from your partner, is pretty sexy. But if like most women you don’t usually orgasm from penetration alone, have your partner bend one leg and keep the other straight. That way you can line your clitoris up against their bent thigh and rub against it to create friction as they thrust. 


2. Sitting Up

2. Sitting Up Jocelyn Runice

Have your partner sit on the edge of the bed, lower yourself onto them with your back against their chest, and have at it. So many benefits to this one: their hands can easily travel all over your body, you can touch your clitoris or use a vibrator if you like, and you can control a lot of the thrusting or grinding. It’s perfect if whoever you’re having sex with doesn’t know exactly what you like and you’d rather take things into your own hands. 


3. Seated Oral

3. Seated Oral Jocelyn Runice

Sit in a chair and scoot your butt all the way to the edge, then open your legs. Oh, wait, how funny, there’s the perfect amount of space for someone to kneel between them, give you oral, and make you feel like the empowered sex-having woman that you are.

Another pro: if you’re normally shy about asking for what you like, sitting in what feels like a position of power might encourage you to speak up. 


4. Standing Doggy Style

4. Standing Doggy Style Jocelyn Runice

Bend over something—ideally some innocent object like a kitchen counter that’ll make for a holy-sh*t-I-remember-that moment every time you look at it. Have your partner stand behind you and use whatever you like best to enter you, whether it’s a penis, sex toy, or finger. 

This one can make for an especially hot memory if you do it with most of your clothes on, only removing whatever articles are absolutely necessary. (And since you’re not in a bed, there’s even less pressure to cuddle post-sex.)

5. Modified Wheelbarrow

5. Modified Wheelbarrow Jocelyn Runice

Regular wheelbarrow—where your partner stands up and thrusts into you while you do a handstand—is pretty ambitious. You and this person may not know if you’ve each got the stamina to not collapse and accidentally inflict bodily harm.

Try the seated version that’s an easy transition from reverse cowgirl when done by the edge of the bed: Have your partner sit up with their feet touching the floor, holding your hips to steady you. Then lean forward so your hands are also on the ground. Feel free to walk them farther away from the bed if that’s more comfortable, then experiment with what kind of rhythm feels best.


6. Double Recliner

6. Double Recliner Jocelyn Runice

Have your partner lie back with their legs slightly open, then lie back in that space against them. Now it’s easy for them to use manual stimulation or a toy on you. If what you’re after is penetration, you can move your body upwards a bit so your vagina lines up with their penis or strap-on. And good news if you’re into dirty talk: with your ear right next to their mouth, you’re in the prime position for it.

7. Doggy Style Oral

7. Doggy Style Oral Jocelyn Runice

Regular doggy style is clearly a good fit for this kind of sex. There’s minimal eye contact, the potential for deep, animalistic-feeling penetration, and you’ve got a hand free to touch your clitoris. But doggy style oral is a great contender as well, especially because of the added clitoral stimulation.

Get on all fours and have your partner kneel behind you so their face is at vagina level. You know how it goes from there.