To Find Your True Soulmate You FIRST Have To Know What One Is!


It's time to cut through the confusion.

Do soulmates really exist? To answer that question, you first have to clarify for yourself how you define the word 'soulmate.'

Plato theorized the following: “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves ... Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”

Personally, I do believe in soulmates, but I think they come in many forms and fulfill different needs.

Maybe you subscribe to the idea that soulmates fall in the ‘karmic’ realm. That people come into your life to help you complete a life lesson. That you are brought together to learn something from each other and then part ways as quickly as you came together once the lesson is complete.

Or, maybe you believe in the notion of a romantic soulmate: Someone who you not only have great sexual chemistry with, but more importantly, an intense, warm feeling of emotional connection, comfort and security. That person makes you feel instinctively ‘at home’ and you want to be with them as much as possible. 

Maybe another type of soulmate comes in the form of a life-long friend?

Have you ever met someone for the first time and the two of you just ‘clicked’? There's an instant bond and you feel like you’ve known this person your whole life. They lift your spirits and you enjoy their company in an effortless way. More than that, they remain your friend over the long haul. You're there for each other through thick and thin. Whether you live near to them or not, when you get together it’s like no time passed at all between visits. 

Still others believe in the concept of ‘twin flame' soulmates. Personally, I swear I have a twin soul. We didn’t even know this term existed, yet that is exactly how we both would describe our relationship. When I met him, it was truly like meeting a part of myself, my other half. We are so in tune it's scary. He can give me an instant visual concept with only a few words out of his mouth and we laugh hysterically until we are unable to breath. Ours is not a romantic relationship and that is definitely a good thing. Being my ‘other half’, he annoyingly sees through all my bullsh*t and because we are so alike, we often push each other’s buttons if the mood is wrong. Not a good formula for loving, day-to-day interaction in close quarters!

To learn more about whether soulmates exist or not, we gathered a panel of YourTango Experts to find out how they define the term (and what it means to them personally and professionally). Melanie Gorman (YourTango Experts Senior VP) leads this lively discussion in the video above and gets a variety of input from Author Arielle Ford, Marriage & Family Therapist Dr. Foojan Zeine, Marriage & Couples Counselor Rhoberta Shaler and Life Coach Renee Jain.

Watch the video above to hear their insights and then visit their websites or contact Arielle, Foojan, Rhoberta or Renee directly to hear more of their wisdom on love and relationships.