This New $130 Gadget Translates Foreign Languages IN REAL TIME

Photo: DailyMail
The Pilot Is A $130 Gadget Translates Languages In Real Time

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Whether we admit it or not, nearly every vacation we take to a foreign country as a single lady comes with the hope of falling in love with a cut guy and his accent. Blame it on the millions of movies that make this idea seem pretty much guaranteed. 

What we don't plan on is how exactly we navigate our wishes when the one we're pining over doesn't speak a lick of English. Sure, you could flash him your boobs and hope he gets the message, but a new gadget could help you with a subtler — yet still totally flirty — approach. 

Waverly Labs just announced plans to release The Pilot, the world's first smart earpiece that translates between users speaking different languages. Meaning all those flirting skills you've been working on can now be used around the world baby. 


Sure, The Pilot will probably be used for a billion other important things besides flirting, like ordering a caramel latte at a German Starbucks. However it's pretty clear that the device was created with the intention of hitting on foreign dudes and ladies. Waverly Founder Andrew Ochoa admitted that he had the idea for the device "after meeting a French girl."