12 Thoughts EVERY Woman Has While Having Sex (But Won't Admit)

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 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Doing It But Won’t Admit To

Most of the time when you're having sex, you're way too busy to be thinking about anything, right? Sure. But of course there are those occasions where your mind won't stop wandering.

And while there are some reasons you don't mind coming clean about when your head isn't in the game — too distracted with a project at work, too worried about a sick relative — there are other reasons you wouldn't dare tell your significant other. Or hell, even your best friend.

You know, the other things you think about like: what the hell was he trying to do just now? Or does he really consider that big? We've all experienced these thoughts from time to time, but instead of keeping them secret, let's go over all of them one-by-one. Here are 12 thoughts every girl has during sex but won't admit it.

1. "That's not what I expected."

Women love fantasizing about the things that are going to happen, which usually hurts us in the long run, because our fantasies are so much better than reality. Take sex, for example. We hype ourselves up hoping for this magical moment in the bedroom, but then come out feeling disappointed. Whether it's the size of the unveiled prize or the lack of sexy moves the guy is bringing, there are many reasons women are left wondering if that's all there is.

But instead of admitting the sex was downright awful, many give it another go, and possibly even another to try to prove that it can't be as bad as they thought. But really, it can be so much worse that we thought.


2. "Is that a pimple?"

Have you ever been heavy in the moment and looked down at your guy's member and thought you saw something out of the ordinary? Perhaps it was a pimple or maybe only a shadow, but you know you saw something there and now that's all you can think about? How do you concentrate on anything else? And what? He want's your mouth where?

You want to tell him no, that you're freaked out about what you saw, but you're not even entirely sure you saw it. And then you worry that bringing it up with kill the mood — which it totally will, because what guy wants to talk about problems with his pecker?

3. "He didn't even look at my lingerie."

You bought brand new sexy lingerie specifically for this night — and starved yourself for a week to fit into it — but your guy doesn't even seem to notice. Actually, he didn't even glance at the new bustier you're flaunting. Instead, he ripped it right off of you without giving any thought at all.

Now you're left wondering whether he didn't like the lingerie (maybe he's not a lingerie kind of guy?) or the way you looked in it and that's why he needed to get it off ASAP. So you're feeling self-conscious and upset for even trying to amp up the sexy. And let's not forget annoyed. How much did you pay for that again?


4. "Why do I have to put the condom on him?"

It's not that you're lazy, you just hate putting a condom on the guy when he's perfectly capable of doing it himself. Why do you have to try to act sexy slipping that thing on? We all know it's so not sexy, no matter how you do it, so why try?

And of course he's watching, waiting for you to do something amazing like using your mouth or something ridiculous, putting tons of pressure on you. All that's going through your head is why the hell can't he just do this quickly by himself and get the show on the road? Why does this have to be such a production on your end?

5. "The pizza delivery guy was super-hot."

You and your guy ordered a pizza from down the street, and while he was obsessed with the thin crust, you can't stop thinking about the man who delivered it. Whoa, that pizza delivery guy was cute. Like, really cute.

And then you start to wonder other things like if he thought you were cute too, and does he live close by? What would it be like to be with him? Does he smell like pizza dough? Mmm pizza dough. And now you're hungry. Why are you thinking about food right now? Oh right, that pizza delivery guy. Yum.


6. "Man, he's selfish."

You just finished warming your guy up and now he's ready to dive right into the main event without returning the favor. Lame. You can't help but think he's selfish, because he is. Apparently he doesn't believe in foreplay on both sides. Ew. So now you're left with the uneasiness of feeling unsatisfied and questioning whether you should say something.

"Hey! What about me? Did you forget something?" Or maybe you should lift your hips a certain way, drag his head down there like he did to yours? But before you know it, the chance passes you by and he's already racing to the finish line. You, on the other hand, are trailing in way behind.

7. "What am I supposed to do with those?"

This particular area on a man is very foreign to so many women. Sure, we all know about them, know what they do and what they look like, but we're not always sure as to what we're supposed to do with them. Do we hold them? Cup them in our hand? Tug on them?

They are just sort of there hanging out and while many girls try to ignore them, eventually they can't be denied. The guy usually says something about touching or sucking that area but all you can think is, "Wait, what?!"


8. "No, wait, not yet!"

Things are hot and heavy, and you're totally into it. He's hitting you in the right spot and you're mind is completely free, taking it all in. You're so close to climax that all you need is one more thrust to seal the deal, but then it happens. The inevitable.

You see your guy's face contort and hear his fatal last words spew out like vomit: "I'm going to cum." And with that, you know it's over. And now he's sprawled out on the bed, panting and sweating, ready to sleep, when all you can think about is that one more thrust!

9. "Wow, this is taking too long."

On the contrary, you don't always want that one more thrust. That one more thrust might seem more grueling than anything because you're ready for the sex to be over already. While women want guys to last, they don't want them to last forever. And sometimes sex really can feel like it's going on and on forever.

Maybe you're too tired to get into it or maybe you already had an orgasm and are waiting for the guy's turn but it's taking way too long. Either way, you clocked out. You're sore, chaffed, and irritated. Doesn't he know that you could be watching Seinfeld re-runs already?


10. "I'm way too tired to be doing this."

After a long day with work, the trainer, the cat, you're exhausted. All you want to do is slip on your fuzzy PJs, pour a glass of wine, and curl up with a good book, but wait. You can't. Your guy is on you about having sex tonight. And while you love having sex with him, tonight you just don't think you can physically do it.

You're simply that tired from the rest of the day. But you try anyway, and during the entire time, all you can think about is how much you want to sleep and how much you sooooo don't feel like riding him cowgirl style.

11. "Do I really have to talk dirty right now?"

The sex is amazing tonight and you're totally feeling it. All the moves are just right and you're about to hit that pleasure spot but your man starts talking dirty to you. And guess what? He wants you to reciprocate. Ugh, really? Doesn't he get that you don't want to call your vagina dirty names?

No, you're not in the mood to tell him how big he is or how good he feels. You just want to get off already. So now, instead of always reaching climax, you have to stop and think what it is you're going to say so he's as horned up as you. And then just like that, your moment of pleasure is long gone.


12. "I wish the lights were off."

Even the most confident women out there without any body issues (is there really such a thing?) still have those nights when they want to dim the lights before sex. Not only do women like the way they look in darker lighting, but it helps set the mood. Who really wants to do it under a bright ceiling light?

And when women are subjected to the bright lights, we immediately want to turn them down, but feel weird about saying something since we know the guys prefer the lights on. It's such a dilemma and one we typically think about the entire time we're doing it.

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