10 Celebrities Who Had SERIOUS Penis Problems

These stars all had major peen problems.

Jimmy Kimmel from The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

In a recent interview, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he had to have several surgeries on the most delicate part of his body. Apparently, his urethra had closed up, and it took more than one try to get it to open back up. (In all honesty, I'd rather not go into any detail because just talking about this sort of stuff makes me physically uncomfortable.)

Famous people have health issues, just like us. Usually, they love to talk about them after the fact, because it makes them look sympathetic. Unfortunately for Jimmy Kimmel, he had his health emergency on a part of the body that makes everybody giggle. I'd say he's brave for talking about something so personal and embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure he did it because it's the sort of thing he likes to joke about. This would be like if Carrot Top got a prop stuck up his butt. For anyone else, that'd be super embarrassing. For him, it just becomes part of the act.


Kimmel isn't the first celebrity to have issues with his biscuit. Here's a collection of other celebs who have had problems with their "members."

10. Andre "Christ Bearer" Johnson

1. Andre "Christ Bearer" Johnson wutang clan wu-tang clan penis cut off

This rapper, who claimed to be associated with Wu Tang Clan, got high and then cut his cracker jack off. I once got drunk and ate all of the cheese in the house, so I can relate.


2. Eminem

Eminem from Love the Way You Lie

Eminem's ex wife alleged that he has trouble getting it up, but it's not like she would have any reason to try and make him look bad publically.


3. Howard Stern

Howard Stern from Private Parts

While he doesn't seem embarassed by it, Howard Stern has pointed out many times that he has a tiny pickle in his sandwich.


4. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel from The Jimmy Kimmel Show

I feel like, based on his humor, if Jimmy Kimmel had to have a health problem, he's glad it was at least on the silliest part of his body.

5. Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin from Oprah

I almost didn't include Jon Gosselin on this list because he doesn't really count as a celebrity anymore. Still, his exes have accused him of having a small one, and since that all I've heard anyone say about him lately, I guess that's his legacy. That and Christian Audigier.


6. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm from Mad Men

While Jon Hamm seems to have a pretty sweet life, he supposedly has to tuck his hot dog back when taking photos because it's just too big.

7. Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball

Before he got caught cheating, Lance Armstrong was a hero for surviving testicular cancer and winning a bunch of bike races. Then he got caught cheating, and now he's just a guy with an uneven bean bag.


8. Michael Fassbender

michael fassbender

A lot of personal information was revealed about several movie stars during last year's Sony Pictures email hack. For example, it was revealed that Michael Fassbender has such a big buddy that it makes producers uncomfortable.

9. Tom Green

Tom Green from Freddy Got Fingered

Back in 2000, during the height of his career, Tom Green developed testicular cancer. He produced a one hour television special about it, and taught all of his juvenile fans that nuts aren't always something to laugh about.


1. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter from The Other Guys

If you get the chance to sleep with Derek Jeter, not only do you get a cool story and a gift basket, but you're also likely to get all of the herpes.