How To Truly INDULGE In The 7 Deadly Sins (Without Really Sinning)

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Embrace the Seven Deadly Sins

Do what makes you feel good ... and sinful.

I'll admit it: I didn't pick up a whole lot from my religious education as a kid. (Saturday CCD classes, when there were still cartoons on? Come on.) So, beyond the Golden Rule  which is really just good stuff and what more do you need? I'm mostly fuzzy on things.

But I do remember the Seven Deadly Sins. I mean, they just sound so cool. And, I say, they're not all bad. If we were supposed to avoid them, why would they come in such a handy list? My stance is, if it doesn't hurt anyone (that Golden Rule comes into play, see!) and makes you feel fab, do it. Here's how.

Vanity: Per Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot"If you a fly gal, get your nails done. Get a pedicure, get your hair did."

Sloth: Make your couch your BBFF (Butt's Best Friend Forever) for a day. If you're already prone to binge-watching and not moving, go big: stay in bed and order all your food with an app. But if you never get very sloth-y, please call off work. Do it for me.

Gluttony: Find a pal. Pick a fabulous place. Order prolifically. Eat everything. Taste everything. Lick your fingers. Repeat. (This works just as well alone; in fact, I recommend a solo dine for advanced pleasure-seekers.)

Lust: If you're paired up, clear your calendars and succumb, again and again. Employ a new sex toy or some lingerie. Read each other dirty things until you just can't take it anymore. If you're solo, there's no rule that says you can't Netflix and chill for one. (Employ the sex toys and the dirty books, too.)

Envy: You can't beat 'em. The truth is, they're not beating them either, but their social media profiles look like they are. But the next time you think you really, really want the life someone else has, plan an impromptu adventure. (Doesn't have to be a bank-breaking trip, either, and could just mean getting decked out in your best ensemble and exploring your very own hood.) Then, post nothing on social media and feel ridiculously superior to all those braggers out there.

Greed: Without going for broke, spend some money on yourself, on something you think is frivolous but captures all your fancy. This could be the handbag you've put in your virtual shopping cart one too many times or a set of fabulous bookends. The key is, make it something you don't absolutely need, but that you know will make you happy every time you look at it.

Wrath: Anger can be pleasurable because it alerts you to that deep-inside, blood-and-guts place where our big feelings are. So don't suppress it — indulge it. I don't recommend resorting to trolling people online or feuding on Facebook. For anger that can't be directly discussed with someone, my personal tactic is to let loose a good primal scream and then run really fast until I'm panting, sweaty, and free of all those nasty toxins. But if that doesn't float your boat, find the right, healthy outlet for your rage and go wild.