Study Says Support Grows For Same-Sex Marriage EXCEPT In This Group

Photo: WeHeartIt

Welp, no surprise here.

We'd like to think that the world is becoming a more accepting place. We're getting more role models for the LGBT community, including Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox. But it looks like there's always those stubborn few who continue to halt progress.

So what's the one group that has become less accepting of same-sex marriage? Conservative Republicans. 

The answer comes from Pew Research Center, which conducted a survey with 2,002 people, and found all groups have increased their support for same-sex marriage the past two years — except for Conservative Republicans.

The parties break down to 65 percent of Democrats, and 65 percent of Independents supporting gay marriage. On the other hand, only 34 percent of Republicans can say the same.

However, the most interesting thing about this is that Republicans are pessimistic about their fight against equal rights. The survey found that 72 percent of Republicans say that same-sex marriage is inevitable, along with 72 percent of Democrats and 74 percent of Independents.

Why stay on the wrong side of history, Republicans?

It might have do with their thinking: they don't think there' anything wrong with the stance of being against same-sex marriage. They have a problem with how they present their argument. The study found 57 percent of Republicans said they don't think their party is properly getting their views across.

It's sad that Republicans are moving the other way, but at least we can all hope that true equality will happen one day.