9 Love Tips From The Stars Of The Hottest Show Off-Broadway

sex tips for straight women from a gay man

What happens when you get audiences to demonstrate sex tips on stage? You'd be surprised.

Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man has the most straightforward (and hilarious) title you'll see on any playbill for a while. It's based on the best-selling book of the same name and it's causing quite a stir.

The show takes place during a book discussion with its author at a local university. Robyn (the straight woman) tries to keep the conversation scholarly but author Dan Anderson (the gay man) has his own ideas.

The catch: Dan requires a lot of audience interaction to demonstrate the points from his book.

Grant MacDermott and Ariana Shore play Dan and Robyn on-stage every night. We had them fill out the same questionnaire. We asked them how their views on relationships differ from their hysterical characters and what goes down when you get the audience involved with Dan's tips. Read our full interview below!

The most important aspect to me in any relationship is…

Grant: Communication. If you can't say what you want and listen to what your partner wants then it just can't work.

Ariana: Does your partner's communication lift you up or bring you down. I fully believe the person you choose to spend your time with, share your secrets, share all of yourself with, should lift you up. I'm not saying put me on a pedestal, god no! But let me know how you feel about me, GOOD AND BAD. Just be honest and open and COMMUNICATE! 

My character would think the most important aspect of any relationship is…

Grant: Blowjobs. AND communication.

Ariana: Robyn would definitely think being intellectually stimulated by your partner is most important in a relationship.

The number one pet peeve I have in relationships is usually…

Grant: Not having the right ratio of alone time vs. together time.

Ariana: Clinginess. Ugh. Being in a relationship with me is like drinking fine wine, it tastes better if you let me breathe a little

The number one thing I learned about life through my career is…

Grant: Most people are not for you. Most people are not against you. Most people are just trying to make it work as best they can for themselves. And that is okay. But any time you can think of something greater than yourself that is when good things start to happen.

Ariana: Never get too comfortable and never take an opportunity too small or too large for granted. BE GRATEFUL PEOPLE. Oh, and thank EVERYONE! Am I being too preachy? Oopsies.

The craziest thing an audience member has done during one of my performances is…

Grant: Grab my crotch.

Ariana: Oh jeez, so many to pick from. Well, when you do a show about sex and invite drunk ladies on to the stage, every night is a crap shoot. Last weekend we had some girl pretend to pet a boy's testicles like it was a kitty. I almost peed my pants laughing so hard.

One way I'm just like my character is…

Grant: I like to make inappropriate jokes in appropriate ways.

Ariana: I don't think I'm very good at "being sexy." My character is incredibly awkward. What a mess!! I wouldn't say I'm AS awkward as she is, but just like her, I wouldn't even know how to start to act like a sexy lady. I think I'm a little less Angelina Jolie and a little more Mary Katherine Gallagher in the bedroom.

One thing my character would do in a relationship that I would never do is…

Grant: Care about women's fashion.

Ariana: She'd probably pass up good sex for a night in with a good book. Honey, there is no book written that's better than good sex. Nope.

If my character had to give one piece of relationship advice, it would be…

Grant: Stay true to who you are and what you want both in the bedroom and out.

Ariana: Be yourself. "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Ralph Waldo Emerson said that. I imagine Ralph is her fave.

The best thing about working with my cast members is…

Grant: We are constantly laughing and being weird. It's like being back in theater school but now I'm getting paid.

Ariana: Those two boys are not only the most attractive men I've ever seen, but they are also absolutely HYSTERICAL! I have so much fun fooling around with them before and after the show. They also do amazing Australian accents... which I can NOT do... they give me something to strive for.

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