Wait, THIS Is The Guy Women Really Want?

mystery guy

A surgeon was kind enough to take the features we find attractive in famous men & put them together.

When I think of the ideal man, I picture an educated, bearded guy with blue eyes and a great sense of humor. That's pretty much where my requirements end when it comes to "ideal," as long as he has all of his limbs and teeth, of course. But it seems my ideal guy isn't exactly what other women are looking for in their version of their ideal man. Other women like to mix and match the features of celebrities, and I just don't. I'm such a bore sometimes.

A surgeon by the name of Asim Shahmalak from Crown Clinic was kind enough to take all the features that women find attractive in famous men and put them all together to make, well, a hodgepodge of a guy and, honestly … it's weird.

With people like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson (WTF?), Harry Styles (WTF again!), Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and some dude named David Gandy in the running for the best looking guys out there, once you splice up their best features you're left with what's supposed to be every woman's fantasy.

According to the study, the ideal younger man has Styles' hair, Efron's eyes (obviously), Gosling's jaw, and Pattinson's stubble.

The older man, on the other hand, has Cooper's eyes, Pitt's nose, Beckham's beard, Clooney's hair, and that Gandy guy's jawline. Also, research found that only men under 30 can rock the stubble thing, while older gents should go for the full beard. Apparently, clean-shaven is out this season, even in Mr. Hodgepodge, as you can see.

Call me crazy, but I don't think I've ever thought to myself, "My! That fella has a lovely jaw and hairline. I wonder how he'd look with the stubble of that man over there!" I have, however, noticed eyes, noses, and hair, but I've also never felt the need to mix and match the pieces of men I find attractive. Like I said, I'm a bore sometimes, something that is confirmed by the fact that these composites totally creep me out and the younger graphic, to me anyway, looks like he's sporting a Jay Leno chin. Someone call Leno and tell him he's finally desirable; he's going to be stoked.

While I think this whole thing is really interesting, it's sort of disappointing to not see a single unconventionally attractive man on the list. Where are all my Benedict Cumberbatch and Javier Barden fans? Are you not being loud enough in your declaration of love for these hotties? Personally, I'd love to see bits and pieces of them spliced with bits and pieces of the pretty boys. That, I think, would be truly fascinating and, definitely, would result in someone I’d like to take home… with Bardem's wig in No Country for Old Men included, of course. I love that wig.