What Men AND Women Really Think Of 7 Classic Sex Positions

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What Men And Women Really Think Of These 7 Different Sex Positions

Sex is … complicated. Of course, it can also be mind-blowing, surprising, awkward, or even flat-out horrible, depending on your chemistry, level of physical attraction and arousal, mood lighting, etc.

Like we've done in the past, we decided to interview men and women about their preferences regarding seven different sex positions.

It's safe to say that we got some, er ... colorful responses, and here they are:

1. Sex On A Chair

He said: "I dig this one. It gives me more control of her hips than when I'm lying down and she’s on top, plus it feels a little bit dirtier. And banging her from behind while she's draped over the arm of the couch is always fun too." — Nick, 31

She said: "Riding him on my knees while he's seated in a chair or on the couch is my absolute favorite position. You get the control of being on top, but it feels more intimate because he’s in an upright position and is closer to you, can be whispering dirty things in your ear, all that jazz." — Stephanie, 23

2. Legs Over His Shoulders Sex Position

He said: "This one is great for the guy because the penetration is so much deeper, plus the visual angle is great because we have a great view of going in and out of her. That's always hot."  — Tim, 27

She said: "I personally don't like legs on his shoulders. I feel like a lot of younger guys I've had sex with use this as a go-to because there's a lot of hype that women like it, but honestly unless your super flexible and already accommodated to his penis size, this position is uncomfortable and can be a little too much. Plus, everything is like, all scrunched up. Definitely not the most flattering angle." — Jenna, 22

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3. Laying On The Bed While He's Standing Up

He said: "It's usually a quickie if we're having sex like this, but I like it because I get to see her boobs bounce around so much." — Ryan, 26

She said: "I like this position because I usually got into it because he threw me onto the bed, which is incredibly sexy. You have to make sure no one else is home though because it's definitely pretty obvious when the bed is creaking out of control." — Brianne, 24

4. Guy Holding Girl Up Sex Position

He said: "It's always hard to have to hold the girl up, but its also really fun every once in a while. Definitely on her birthday." — Sam, 22

She said: "I love it. It makes me feel like a rockstar because he's holding me up. Plus, it's very animalistic." — Tanya, 23

5. Shower Sex

He said: "Appealing until you do it, but then you realize that there's not a lot of space and it kind of sucks." — Andrew, 23

She said: "Well, water washes away any and all … uh, natural lubricants, so, that makes it less fun." — Michelle, 33

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6. 69 Sex Position

He said: "I hate when it gets to the point where you're really getting to enjoy yourself, and then she stops giving you head because she’s enjoying herself." — Mark, 30

She said: "I would literally hate for a guy to be on top when we’re 69ing. I would shove him off of me and be like ‘What are you doing?!’ He'd be crushing me.” — Brianne, 24

7. Cowgirl Sex Position

He said: "A lot of times they want to do certain motions to get them off in terms of clitoral stimulation, but it’s not really doing too much for me. Which is all good, go ahead and do it, but I will say that’s not my favorite part." — Nick, 31

She said: “I hate when guys try to change the motion and I’m like wait I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for me! Jeez, just give me a minute.” — Alyssa, 23