3 Reasons Why 69 Is The Suckiest, Most Overrated Sex Position EVER

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Most Overrated Sex Position

Similarly to the first time you have sex, you never forget the first time you partake in the good old-fashioned 69 position. The 69 position, for those of you have been living under a rock, is the sexual act in which two people simultaneously give and receive oral sex with each other.

It's a precarious position, to say the least, and not exactly the most comfortable either. But for some reason, people still continue to do it, and some even love it.

Although 69 probably isn't as common as other sex positions, most people have tried it at least once. Because that's probably (almost most definitely) the case, we asked women their thoughts on 69. Do they love it? Hate it? Won't even bear to try it, because really who wasn't to be working hard at pleasuring someone else when you’re being pleasured? It was a mixed bag of responses.

Here's what they had to say:

1. It's hard to enjoy yourself and focus.

"To me, 69 is fun sometimes, but it gets annoying if it lasts too long and also becomes uncomfortable. It's not bad foreplay, but again, timing is everything. Quite frankly, it's kind of distracting and I would rather just give or just receive, so long as we actually take turns doing so." —Becky, 29

"When I'm getting oral, I don't want to be performing oral at the same time. I want to enjoy it. You can't enjoying it when you're concentrating on someone else." —Jenny, 25

"It's the stupidest position in the entire world and is pretty much guaranteed to leave at least one person unsatisfied. It's for people who want to make sex more efficient, and why? Why would you do that? Sex doesn't need to be efficient, and I'd rather take more time to completely enjoy my own pleasure and then be able to completely focus on my partners' pleasure without being distracted." —Cate, 24

"Meh. I'd be OK if I never did it again, but I'm not rejecting it either. It's hard for me to focus on the other person as I normally would because of the attention I'm receiving and it's also hard for me to come, because I'm trying to focus on someone else." —Jen, 35

2. It's gross and uncomfortable.

"Icky. I don't like receiving though, so my opinion is colored significantly." —Colleen, 30

"It's just awful. Totally awful. I did it once when I was, like, 17, and I'll never do it again. It's just awful. Did I mention it was awful?" —Megan, 27

3. It's just not logistical.

"How many people actually line up correctly, with torsos of similar enough size, for 69 to work without lots of awkward manipulation, neck craning, and/or tongue reaching? If brief, it's a silly tease, but if it's long, 'Oww! My neck is killing me!' It should be noted, my primary partner for this act is almost a foot taller than me, so my experience is likely not everyone else." —Rebecca, 30

"You know, the idea of it is hot, but the execution isn't. It's never comfortable, someone gets suffocated or gets a leg cramp, and I've never met anyone who's really excited about doing it, because of all the above things. It's just awkward." — Alexis, 34