Man Adds Himself To Girlfriend's Old Photos, With Freaky Results


One man, taking creepy to a new level.

Sometimes Photoshop is our friend. It adds dinosaurs to wedding pictures, removes red-eye and just generally makes things better. But sometimes people take it to the dark side, and weird things that should never see the light of day arise.

Such was the case when Wan, a wedding photographer from Henan province, China, decided to celebrate his 4th anniversary with his girlfriend in a … let's call it unique way. Wan Photoshopped himself into his unnamed girlfriend's childhood pictures, and the results have divided the internet. When first posted on the social media site Weibo, a lot of Chinese women were commenting on what a romantic gesture it was. However, other corners of the web are labeling it downright creepy, and we kind of agree with them. Doubtless, Wan meant the altered photos to be a funny and touching way of showing his love, but we think he missed the mark on most of them. Check the pictures out and let us know what you think in the comments.