Exclusive! Josh Holloway Talks His New Baby & 'Lost' Co-Stars

'Intelligence's Josh Holloway

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It's an exciting time for Josh Holloway. Not only is the former Lost heartthrob starring in his own series, the CBS cyber-drama Intelligence, he recently became a father for the second time when his wife Yessica gave birth to the couple's first son. Named Hunter Lee, the little guy joins four-year-old sister Java.

Now a pro, here, Holloway talks parenthood, Intelligence, and Lost.

YourTango: What have you learned about fatherhood that better prepares you this time around?

Josh Holloway: I was not prepared for how much love I would have in me. So I'm a little worried: How can I love something as much as I have for my daughter? But everyone says your love just grows.

YourTango: Lost was a big ensemble, but you're in almost every scene in Intelligence. How are you handing it?

Josh Holloway: It's definitely a bear of a schedule. I love to work, so for me, it kind of worked out. I took a long time, three years to try movies and raise my daughter. And I was ready to get back to it. I'm exhausted but fulfilled.

YourTango: Do you see any of your Lost co-stars?

Josh Holloway: I see Harold Perrineau. We have children the same age, so we do playdates and all that.