The 5 Sex Positions Women LOVE (And Hate) The Most

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The 5 Sex Positions Women LOVE (And Hate) The Most

Sex positions — and women's enjoyment of them — are based on a few key factors, including size, position, and technique. 

Let's face it ... in some cases, size does impact compatibility. Therefore, to determine if you "fit" well together, you'll have to have sex and figure out which positions work best for you. Even though a combination of the right positions will improve your sex life, there's more to it! 

Here's what you need to know about the 5 sex positions women love —  and hate the most.

1. Missionary (Man On Top)

She loves it when ...

She can firmly grab his butt, scratch his back, feel the muscles in his shoulders, and look into his eyes.

She hates it when ...

He ignores her eye contact it can feel like he's using her to "get off" quickly without showing any signs he's into HER.

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2. Doggy Style (Him Behind)

She loves it when ...

He reaches around to massage her clit, caresses her breasts, kisses the back or her neck, pulls her hair, and grabs her hips.

She hates it when...

She's not lubricated enough, he does nothing to show her he's enjoying her body, he gets off really quickly, and he doesn't take interest in pleasuring her.

3. Standing Up

She loves it when ...

He picks her up and pins her against the wall. The feeling of his strong arms holding her up is incredibly sexy!

She hates it when ...

He's not strong enough or coordinated enough to get into a rhythm. If the guy is on the smaller side, this one can be really difficult to accomplish successfully.

4. 69

She loves it when ...

He moans a little when he goes down on her and uses his tongue and fingers to pleasure her.

She hates it when ...

He pushes her down, he gets too thrusty with his hips or stops paying attention to what HIS mouth should be doing.

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5. Cowgirl (Woman On Top)

She loves it when ...

She can control how fast and slow she rocks her hips, she feels him pulsing deep inside her, and he grabs her butt and/or spanks her as she rides him.

She hates it when ...

He doesn't touch her, or generally looks bored as if he's just waiting until she gets off so he can switch positions.

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