Exclusive! Eva LaRue: My Best Relationship Advice Is ...

Eva LaRue

The newly divorced 'CSI: Miami' star reveals the qualities she values most in a man.

Stopping by West Hollywood hot spot Fig & Olive to have lunch and grab goodies at the Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party, newly single Eva LaRue — she split from husband Joe Capuccio in December — talked with YourTango about life as a single mom and her love of funny men.

YourTango: Your daughter Kaya is 12. How is it parenting a pre-teen?

Eva LaRue: So far, knock wood, she hasn't hit the terrible teens yet. She's still totally sweet.

YourTango: Does she want to act?

Eva LaRue:  No, thank God! That makes me very nervous. She's very into her gymnastics and cheerleading. She's a competitive cheerleader. And dance class. She's very creative and artistic. People tell us all the time that not only are our voices the same, our mannerisms and the way we talk are the same. She's totally a mini-me, even though she has blue eyes and blond hair.

YourTango: What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten?

Eva LaRue: To not look outside for your partner to provide all the things that you need inside.

YourTango: I'm a sucker for a guy who …

Eva LaRue: Who's funny, has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh.

YourTango: So what have you been working on?

Eva LaRue: I did a comedy pilot and we're waiting to see if it gets picked up. It's such a tight, funny show. It's awesome. The premise is behind the scenes at a cooking show like Top Chef. I play the Padma Lakshmi!

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