7 Proposal Locations That Are Both Bizarre & Beautiful


Since the advent of YouTube (and probably way before), people have been doing proposals in increasingly odd locations. Sometimes they're bizarre because they're extreme, like popping the question while flying, and sometimes it's because it's in an ordinary place that holds a special meaning for the couple, like Whole Foods.

Whether you enjoy seeing adorable couple videos or simply love to laugh at the eccentricity of these engagements, this list will make you smile.

1. The Whole Foods Proposal
Ever use "Do you always shop organic?" as a pickup line? Well, that worked for Vladimir two years ago when he met his future wife, Monica, at checkout lane 2 at Whole Foods in Coral Gables, Florida. Earlier this month, they went back to their favorite grocery store and he popped the question near a bed of roses at the front cash registers. 


2. The Home Depot Proposal
Everyone remembers this one because it was well-planned, literally choreographed, and totally tear-jerking. Spencer's proposal to Dustin at a Home Depot downright changed the way we look at the lumber aisle.


3. The Skydiving Proposal
Epic. Just ... epic. I can't imagine jumping out of an airplane, but I bet doing it with the person I love most would be incredible, so joining together mid air sounds absolutely breathtaking.

4. The Zero-Gravity Proposal
Can you imagine feeling like you're flying literally, then being proposed to and feeling it proverbially, too? Graciela Asturias opted to ask his girlfriend to marry him while the pair rode in a "specially designed Boeing 727 aircraft that creates the experience of microgravity during four-five minute plunges as it flies up and down between 24,000 and 35,000 feet" for his birthday. Not content to leave the adventure at simply flying, he added engagement to the mix. Read more about the proposal here

5. The Fake Art Exhibition
In this sweet proposal, a man told his girlfriend they were going to see an artist whose piece was called "My Early Muir Owl." Turns out, that was an anagram for "Will you marry me?" and upon having her view the art piece through a specific frame and angle, she saw what the real message was.

6. The Halo Proposal
This guy dressed in Halo gear, got down on one armored knee, and proposed to his girlfriend during the EB Games Expo 2013. 

7. The Rollercoaster Proposal
For a surprising after-photo, this guy put a "MARRY ME?" shirt underneath the one he wore throughout the day, then unsnapped it to reveal his intention to his girlfriend. The perfect way to end a enthralling ride, right? Read more about the proposal here.

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