'Pregnant In Heels' Rosie Pope Is Pregnant Again!

Parenting: 'Pregnant In Heels' Rosie Pope Is Pregnant Again!

Exclusive! "I think after you have three, you can have four," Rosie tells YourTango.

Baby on board alert!

Rosie Pope, star of Bravo's Pregnant in Heels, and her husband Daron are expecting their fourth child, as reported by People.

Earlier this week, YourTango chatted with the expecting momma, whose brood includes sons J.R., 5, and Wells, 2 1/2, and daughter Vivienne, 1.

"I think after you have three, you can have four," Rosie tells YourTango.

Will this next baby—who's due early next year—be her last? The Rosie Pope Maternity founder simply tells us, "Five, I don't think you can work. Five, you have to stay at home."

As for a fellow U.K.-born mommy, Rosie gushes over the bump-hugging blue polka dot Jenny Packham dress Kate Middleton wore while leaving the hospital.

"It's amazing that she did that," the maternity guru says about Kate flaunting her post-baby bump. "I think it's wonderful. It made her even more that 'Princess of the People,' saying, 'I'm Kate Middleton. I'm basically perfect but even I have a bump after giving birth. I think it's amazing. I don't know a single woman that would have worn a figure-hugging dress leaving the hospital. Everybody I know would wear something to hide it … but she wore it and I think it was a great statement to everybody to say, 'Look, this is how I really look. And I'm still beautiful. It's just natural. In time it will go, but this what I look like' … You never see people in the public doing that and she did it."

Hear, hear! Although photos of the Duchess grocery shopping in Wales this week reveal she's having no problem losing that baby weight, Rosie has her own post-delivery secret—the Belly Bandit.

"I used it for all my pregnancies," she tells us. "You can lose the weight, but you still have that belly so you still look a little bit pregnant. That can be really disconcerting, especially when you walk around the streets and people ask you how far along you are and you're not pregnant anymore."

Yipes. While that's not a concern for first time dad-to-be Simon Cowell, Rosie does warn the X Factor gazillionaire, "He's going to have to figure out how to balance work with the baby … He's at the point in his career where he can absolutely do that."


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