13 Things We'll See On 'The Bachelorette' Tonight

TV Love: 13 Things We'll See On 'The Bachelorette's' "Men Tell All"

Put on your seat belt—the most dramatic night of the season is finally here!

Sure we all love The Bachelorette, but it's not the romantic dates, the not-so-friendly competition, the eye candy, or even the man tears that keep us coming back week after week—it's the unadulterated drama.

We love it, and it keeps us glued to our televisions, which is why the best night of the season is "Men Tell All." After weeks of questioning certain motives and wondering why some guys hated each other so much, we finally hear directly from the fellas, and they finally get a chance to get everything off their chests. Those ever-so-defined chests. 

Here are 13 things we're certain we'll see during tonight's big show—and we can't wait.

At least one guy having a full-on Hulk-style freak out. We're looking to you, Mikey.

One or two dudes who went a little too happy with the spray tan:

The guy who sits there and doesn't say a word the entire show:

The random guy who talks a tonbut you don't even remember him:

The appearance of a major bromance you didn't realize existed in the house:

The revelation of at least one "girlfriend back home" that you did not see coming. Um, Bryden?

Chris Harrison being hilarious and making us wish he was the next Bachelor

One guy looking way hotter than he ever did during the show. Well, hello, new hottie!

Bloopers revealing a totally surprising potty mouth. Could it be Drew?

The guy who isn't over Des yet. Ahem, Zak:

The guy who is the clear front-runner for the next Bachelor:

New footage revealing a hidden talent in the group. 

And at least one major confrontation, ala Sean and AshLee or Emily and Kalon. Perhaps Ben and Des?

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