Is It Selfish To Elope?

Married couple on beach

"Nothing is worse than an upset grandma."

Getting engaged is an exciting moment in everyone's life. But once the celebrating and champagne wears off, the wedding planning process can be a stressful nightmare. The thought of hiring a wedding planner, finding a venue and booking it a year before because its the "perfect location", multiple dress fittings, bridesmaid drama, and cake testings can leave your head spinning. Ever think it would be so much easier to just elope instead?

There are many benefits of eloping, and being able to focus on the two of you as opposed to your guests and the event. You can travel and get married anywhere in the world and start your honeymoon early, so it's also cost efficient.

And the cons? Well, those would consist of a heartbroken mother, your dad disappointed didn't get to give away his only daughter, and you can kiss birthday cards from Grandma goodbye.

Our friends at The Daily Beast take a closer look at the pros and cons based off a popular Reddit thread.

See the full article at The Daily Beast: Nope to Elope?

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