Kim Kardashian's BFF: She'll Have That Body Back Two Months After

Kim Kardashian's BFF On The Baby's Sex, Kim's Bump & More

Exclusive! Hey, dolls, Jonathan Cheban talks the baby's sex, Kim's bump, and more with YourTango.

Well timed, Kardashians. This Sunday, E!'s favorite family will celebrate Kim's long-awaited baby shower in Beverly Hills—and hours later the masses will finally receive confirmation on those 'It's a girl' rumors when reality TV's royal baby's sex is revealed on the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians at 9 p.m. EST.

In anticipation of this sure-to-be epic moment in pop culture history, YourTango hung out with Kim's bestie Jonathan Cheban last night in New York's Meatpacking District for his take on Kim's body bashers, hints at baby West's gender, and more.

YourTango: L.A., Miami, New York. Where are you living now?
Jonathan Cheban:
I haven't been in L.A. much. I filmed in Miami for four months so I was living out there, and I'm here in my [New York] apartment for the summer and the Hamptons. Then I'll be coming back to L.A. and Miami for the winter.

YourTango: What has filming this season of Keeping Up been like?
Jonathan Cheban:
It's great. It's like second nature now. I don't even think about it.

YourTango: Eric Daman, Gossip Girl’s costume designer, gushed to us recently about Kim's pregnancy style. What do you want to tell her haters?
Jonathan Cheban:
I don't even pay attention to the haters because it's like Kim's so gorgeous. I was with her last week and I mean, look at the haters. That's all I gotta say. She's dressed head-to-toe couture. She's gorgeous. She's got hair and makeup. She's so beautiful and she'll have that body back two months after.

YourTango: True. Plus, she has that pregnancy glow.
Jonathan Cheban:

YourTango: What do you think she's having: a boy or girl?
Jonathan Cheban:
I know what she's having but I can't say.

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