Happy Birthday, Kourtney Kardashian!

Kourtney Kardashian

The Armenian reality princess and mom of two turns 34 today.

Keeping Up with Kourtney and Scott? Since they first bulldozed their way into our TV screens, Kourtney and Scott have fallen in love, out of it and everything in between.

With no plans to head down the aisle, the celebrity couple is parents to Mason, 3, and Penelope, 9 months. So in honor of Kourtney turning 34 today, let's take a look back at 7 sweet nothings this sister has said about her baby daddy.

7. "I'm tired of all the lies. Mason brought me and Scott closer together. Our relationship is stronger."

6. "There's progress. Last year in our Christmas card, Scott was not in it—Ryan Seacrest took his place. Now Khloe and Scott can be in the same room. Before they would be like, if Scott knew Khloe was going to be there, he wouldn't come; if Khloe knew Scott was going to be there, she wouldn't come."

5. "I think we're finally in a good place. I think it's hard to watch those [episodes] back, but we have to stay focused on where we are now."

4. "Ninety percent of people that see Scott are so excited and nice to him and like, 'Oh my god, Scott, you're the man."

3. "I love him. I really want to make it work ... Everything between us is amazing." 

2. "The other day Scott and I were walking down the street in New York and this lady's like, 'Kourtney! I love you!' And then she's like, 'Dump him!' Scott and I were just like smiling, and I was like, 'OK, I'll do it for you.' And then I was like, 'Obviously I have to do what's best for me and my family.'"

1. "It's definitely been hard ... But I just reached a point where I needed everyone to get over it. This is the father of my baby. Either they accept it or they don't."

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