Master The Art Of 'Flirtexting'

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Learn to speak the language of love ... via text.

Texting? It's more than that. Sexting? Not exactly. Welcome to flirtexting™ — the "sweet nothings" of the digital world.

Emoticons. Acronyms. Hashtags. In order to keep up with our evolving digital culture, we've invented plenty of new ways to communicate — and the language of love is no different. Texting with your significant other is one of the best ways to stay connected throughout the day — and it can also be one of the sexiest and most creative. In fact, flirtexting™, as we like to call it, is practically an art form, and anyone can be a Van Gogh. We asked digital dating and e-flirting expert Laurie Davis, author of Love At First Click, to explain what exactly flirtexting™ is — and how to master it.

What is flirtexting?

Flirtexting™ goes beyond just the typical "Hi" or "See you later" texts. According to Davis: "It's more than just conversation; it's more than making plans. It's getting the 'spark' going — digitally."

If you're new to flirtexting™, start with sweet, simple messages before jumping into more sexually charged texts. You want to test the waters before sending something too racy. Letting him know how much you loved cuddling with him last night and sharing a fantasy for the first time are two very different kinds of texts.

Isn't that the same as sexting?

No, because sexting is more, ahem, risque. Flirtexting™ is a "here's what I want to do to you later" — with a flirtatious wink. Sexting, on the other hand, has come to be associated philandering politicians and shady professional athletes. In other words, not sexy.

What can flirtexting do for a relationship?

Texting for no other reason than to flirt is essentially foreplay. It's a slow build — and that's exciting! Davis says, "Most [people] will check in with their partner and make plans via text, but sending a little flirty text message — whether it's to let them know you're thinking of them or to remind them of something you're specifically looking forward to — adds a whole new element to your relationship when you're not together."

If you haven't had the element of surprise in your relationship as of late, sweet digital "nothings" throughout the day can be just that unexpected something the two of you crave. It's a lot like sorting through a mailbox full of bills to discover a sweet, handwritten letter that was sent "just because.". Keep reading ...


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