Second Date Ideas: How To Make It As Amazing As The First

Second Date Ideas

Avoid the second-date slump with these 6 ideas.

So he called you back? This means that you both hit it off from that first nerve-racking hello on until that first kiss at the end of the night. And despite those few awkward pauses, you must have done something right on that first date, because now you're meeting him again this weekend for a second.

The first date is all about making a fun, sexy first impression, but the second date is all about making that impression last. Usually, by this point, you can decide whether your date is just going to fizzle out as another fling or he may be the match you've been looking for.

Here are six date ideas to survive the second-date slump and ensure a third date, a fourth date, a fifth date …

1. Browse A Local Farmers' Market
Stop by your local farmers' market and stroll through row upon row of vendors and browse the season's bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, all ripe for the taking. When the weather's warmer, you can buy yourselves a box of sweet strawberries to dip in a chocolate fondue later (yum) or if there's a nip in the air, pick out some organic veggies to bring back to your place and cook up in a tasty stew for two! You'll have fun getting to know each other's culinary tastes and be able to share recipes. Not to mention, it's a good way to find out if he or she has any food allergies.

2. Get Your Game Face On At The Arcade
Now that you've gotten over that first-date awkwardness, you can act a little silly without coming off as too immature. And what's the best way to bring out the inner-child in you? Grab a bag of quarters and go to the arcade together! You can impress your date by showing off your Donkey Kong skills and he can show you how to properly hold the toy gun in a game of Duck Hunt (yes, we know that you already know how … wink, wink). You can even try one of those cheesy matchmaking games to see how compatible you are. But make sure not to get too competitive with your date or you might as well say, "game over."

3. Rock Out To A Concert Of A Local Band Neither Of You Know
When you asked about tastes in music on your first date, he learned that you love R&B, and you learned that he loves rock n' roll. So what if you can't enjoy the same genre of music? Why not take in something else new altogether? Even if the band sucks, that's something you can both agree upon (and laugh about).

4. Climb A Mountain
Strap on your hiking boots, grab your backpacks and trek it outdoors for a day. The best thing about this second date is that you have plenty of trail time to talk and learn more about each other than you did on your first date, and any pauses are filled with the sounds of footsteps and your heavy breathing in trying to keep up the pace. You can be the navigator and your date can be the lookout — it's a fun way to see how well you work together. When you reach the summit, host a scenic picnic. Between the crisp air, the cloudless skies and the panoramic view … what could be more romantic? Keep Reading ...

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