Could Your Relationship Handle A Trip To Mars?

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One man wants to send a happily married couple to Mars for over a year.

Ever wish some incredibly wealthy random person would pay for you and your partner to take a vacation? Yeah, me too, just about every single day. But what if that mysterious and rich individual told you that he would pay for you two to go to, of all places, Mars? And what if you had to stay there for over a year?

American millionaire Dennis Tito went to space over a decade ago, paid for on his own accord. In 2001, he was  the first "space tourist" and went seemingly just out of curiosity and for fun, leading many to wonder if it was the first of many missions that wealth could pay for. Now, Tito is attempting to make that notion a reality.

Tito announced plans at the National Press Club to send a couple on the first manned mission to Mars in 2018. He was speaking at a press conference to launch the Inspiration Mars Foundation, which will support this new and fascinating mission wherein they would modify a rocket and space capsule to send the married pair to Mars and return them in 501 days.

So, why a couple? Imagine being on a weeklong vacation with a stranger or acquaintance whom you had no real chemistry with. You'd have nothing to talk about, nothing to do together and you'd just generally be bored. Now, extend that vacation to being well over a year. Sounds terrible, right? By sending up a married couple, the loneliness that you might feel could be much more easily fixed.

"When you're out that far and the Earth is a tiny, blue pinpoint, you're going to need someone you can hug," Tito said. And he's certainly right — people don't do well when under such stressfully quiet, isolating circumstances without somebody to bond with. A couple who is deeply committed and has a healthy relationship would stand a much better chance at not going totally crazy with sadness and frustration.

Of course, this would be the equivalent of living in the same apartment with your partner and literally never being able to leave, and that doesn't sound all that appealing, either. Hopefully, though, some lucky space-loving couple will find success in this idea and this mission, and our world can learn more about the rest of the solar system as a result.

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What do you think about this? Would your relationship be able to handle a trip to outer space?