Weird News: Husband Sick Of Wife's BS, Fills Car With Manure

shocked woman

Wife caught cheating online, has convertible filled with poo.

Everyone's dad forwarded that awful email of women getting revenge via vandalizing private property or purchasing pricy public advertising. Feel free to Google Image "pictures women scorned" if you care to see it. At any rate, a British fellow decided that grand destruction auto was the order of the day when he found that his wife had frequented a dating site without his knowledge.

Per Daily Mail, a man from a place called Lincolnshire (England) found his wife's online dating profile on a site called after she left her email open. Per her profile, she appreciated her horse and convertible most of all. The 37-year old looker mentioned that she was married but labeled her husband "crazy." Going out of his way to prove the veracity of her diagnosis, the cuckold created a video detailing his discovery of his wife's perfidy, his wounded feelings and his vengeance by filling her beloved Peugeot with likely equine manure.

As the old saying goes, revenge is a dish best served with steaming horse feces. While I'm not especially aware of property rules in the United Kingdom, I'm relatively sure that there isn't a dispensation for scorned husbands, fecal matter and mid-range French "sports cars." However, if nothing else, British people have a keen appreciation for irony and defecating on the French, so this could be a coin toss if it gets dragged in front of a court. Everyone should probably be thankful that no one got punched or contracted the herp.

What can we learn from this? Nothing. But if you're gonna cheat, don't use your desktop email. If you having getting even on your mind, don't video tape it and post it on YouTube. And, lastly, if you include that your current husband is "crazy" on your online dating profile, prepare for "crazy" to happen either by your husband or dude not afraid of a "crazy" husband.

Somewhere Biff Tannen is smiling because a convertible was filled with manure and none got in his mouth.

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