Post-Christmas Shopping: What To Buy With Your Gift Cards

Spicy subscriptions

Now you're shopping for yourself? Here's how to make it good.

Now that Christmas is over, and you've already found the perfect present for your loved ones, it's time to get down to the next order of gift-giving business: Tackling all of those gift cards.

Here's how to get the most bang for your buck for treating yourself, whether you have money toward Amazon or Walmart. 

1. American Express
It's easy to spend this extra cash on food, drinks and cab rides, but why not treat yourself to something special — something that will last all year long? Put your Amex gift card toward Spicy Subscriptions, a monthly service that sends an assortment of romance and intimacy products. Not only will it heat things up for you and your partner each month, but you never even have to set foot in an adult store. From personal toys to oils, the Spice Box is the flirty gift that keeps on giving. Try the Premium Spice Box for $20.95/month or the Deluxe Spice Box for $34.95/month.

2. Amazon
There's no better time to get yourself expensive beauty products than during the holidays — and with an Amazon gift card they don't even have to be expensive. During it's year-end sale, Amazon is selling it's beauty products for 10% to 75% off.  That means Burberry perfume, Chanel lipstick and more for affordable prices. StriVectin Deep Wrinkle Serum for $35? Yes, please.

3. Starbucks
Ever feel like your Starbucks gift card isn't put to good use when all you can get out of it is a few drinks? This year, become your own barista and purchase your favorite syrups and sauces to make your own delicious drinks. You can even buy their seasonal items and serve up Peppermint Mochas long after Starbucks stops making them. Keep reading ...

Keep reading...

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