Love Bytes: How To Date A Hobbit-Head

Peter Jackson
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Plus, three days in a chastity belt.

The first installment of the three-part The Hobbit hits theaters today. For some reason, they managed to make the shortest of the four books into three movies while the others were squeezed into one. Sometimes a guy has a fever and the only Motrin is more Tolkien. Here are 10 tips for having a relationship with Mr. Middle Earth. (HowAboutWe)

Aragorn was a good guy but he was also kind of a bad boy. Exploring the appeal of the bad boy boyfriend. (Good Men Project)

A man describes three days in a chastity belt. Comfy. (Huffington Post)

A little too liberal with eggnog and mistletoe? Yeah, that and 10 other mistakes parents make during the holidays. (

A little help for a woman whose husband is an addict and a cheater (presumably also a liar). (Essence)

A slideshow retrospective about one couple's 60 years of passionate love. (Huffington Post)

Do you "love to laugh"? Are you a "good person"? Are you "looking for a soul mate"? You need to get more original with your online dating profile. (Madame Noire)

Many, many conservatives are interested in making gay marriage happen. (TheDailyBeast)

And gag, Taylor Swift songs for any and every event in your love life. (TresSugar)

Your husband wants to tell you something but he ain't sayin' it. (Parenting)

Would you have regrets if you gave up your career to support your husband's? (LearnVest)

Why do guys lie about their "number"? I don't know, you should ask the 1,200 chicks I've slept with. (

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