15 Risky Sex Positions That Are Tricky But SO Worth It

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How To Tackle 5 Risky Sex Positions (It Could Be Worth It!)

These sex positions will sooner lead to sprained muscles and torn ligaments than to orgasm. I mean, what's more fun than adding some danger to sex, right? I'm not just talking about advanced sex positions — these sex moves are definitely not meant for drunk people, nor are they taught in sex books.

Attempt these dangerous moves at your own risk. Feel free to use this on your next one-night stand. Who knows, they might turn out to be marriage material.

1. Doggy Style

Vaginal tearing can occur if there’s forceful penetration at the wrong angle, so positioning adjustments might be necessary. Additionally, doggy style and its many other variants can also cause things to enter places that weren’t ready to be entered.

2. Cowgirl

It's been widely reported that Cowgirl is one of, if not the most, dangerous sex positionAccording to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), similar to an elbow or knee, your penis can be hyperextended if you put too much or too frequent downward pressure on the shaft. Over time, this hyperextension can lead to Peyronie's disease, a buildup of plaques that causes your rod to bend while erect.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Go ahead and do Reverse Cowgirl all you want, but according to Advances in Urology, the foremost journal on all things below the waist, Reverse Cowgirl triggered the majority of "cracks" to the penis.

4. The Speed Bump

The speed bump isn't the most difficult of positions, but it's THE position for the woman who wants to be crushed under the weight of her partner. 

5. The Randy Raft

The Randy Raft is the best way to have sex while simultaneously getting sun burned. Also, if you can't swim, this is probably a good position to avoid forever.

6. The Eager Chef

This super-spontaneous move can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of pain when she slips and falls off your granite counter and busts her head open.

7. 69

Despite all of the wonderful t-shirt slogans that it inspired, 69 can result in pink eye. According to a 2007 study published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS, researchers found that nine percent of people studied were infected with chlamydial conjunctivitis after their partner ejaculated into their eye.

8. Lap Dance

Sit on a chair and have sex. Fine. That's great. But if you try any move that requires you to take a pole dancing class so you don't fall off your man and bust your head open while you're trying to get freaky, it probably isn't worth your time.

9. The Swiss Ball Blitz

“Penis breaks will be more common in any sex position in which the penis comes fully out of the vagina and then goes back in,” says Dr. Debby Herbenick. Because the Swiss Ball creates an unusual amount of up and down inertia, too much power could lead to the guy slipping out of the gal just before gravity and momentum bring her full weight crashing back down on him. And that's a recipe for pain. 

10. Stairway to Heaven

This dangerous sex position is a variation on the Hot Seat with the lady sitting on top of the guy while he sits on one of the stairs of a staircase. Stairs are good for resting so you don't over exert yourself and the handrail offers extra support and lifting leverage. Remember, guys: if she’s on top, you have less control over the in and out motion, and you’re more likely to slip out of her.

11. The Butter Churner

Supposedly, this position is great because the woman receives an extra rush of blood to her head and increases her ecstasy, but it can also put stress on her neck and probably pull a muscle. Worst case scenario, you'll end up with a girlfriend in a neck brace.

12. The Wheelbarrow

I don't care how strong you are, you cannot hold yourself up for that long while also having sex. That is too much effort. Guys, don't drop your lady friend while you're doing this move or you'll never get to try it again.

13. Missionary

Even the most traditional of all sex positions can have its downsides. A Brazilian study found that missionary or “man-on-top” was actually the safest bedroom position for keeping a penis intact. However, women with short vaginal canals can suffer “cervical bruising or other abrasions from deep thrusts.” Additionally, missionary, along with any other position where the penis rubs up against the urethra, can cause urinary tract infections.

14. The Head Game

Who doesn't love a good head rush during sex? Not only does this position look like it could give you some major rug burn, but it could break your neck. No orgasm is worth a neck brace. Maybe?

15. The Bridge

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This seems like a super-easy position... wait, sorry, this position looks like if either of you do it wrong, the man will end up with a broken penis.

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