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Also, 7 ways to survive a blind date.

Greetings, all. It's your last chance to head to your local metroplex and catch all of the nominated movies before Sunday's Academy Awards show. Until then, have a look at the best the rest of the dudes online had to say about love/sex/relationships lately. 100 Percent Of Men Agree They Love THIS Type Of Sex Most

Okay. New site TG3Magazine (Good Guy's Guide) gives advice on how to get out of the friend zone and get that girl. Remember this acronym: WWAMFCPD. What Would A Michael Fassbender Character Probably Do.

Speaking of Shame, Good Men Project laments the long death spiral of the good, old neighborhood porn shop. Honestly, there will be a day when our children (or our children's children) will not know that peep shows were once a thing that were enjoyed unironically.

Over at Gurl, a discussion about men performing cunnilingus. He wants to go down and she thinks it will be weird. All I know is that her past boyfriends have some 'splaining to do.

Speaking of 'splaining, Very Smart Brothas has something in the way of an apology on behalf of all men everywhere for five crummy things we do and haven't owned up to. As a precursor to item number the one, please google "soft serve" (not safe for your workplace viewing).

Blind dating is a lot like spelunking. It's hard, it's weird and it's not for people who are afraid of the unexpected. And, like cave-diving, you probably should get a little advice before you head in. Luckily, AskMen had my buddy Ethan Fixell gives seven tips to keep you from getting impaled on a relationship stalagmite.

Do you need to find a good bro? The Gloss lets us in on a popular sport for young, urban women: bro hunting. I'm not sure what you do when you do catch a bro. I suppose you may have to do it with him.

Wait one darn minute. Are you using me or am I using you? In the case of the former, what would you, if you are using me, be using me for? I swear to god it better be for sex, and not for money. Oh, and if I'm using you, it's so I don't have to go out to eat alone. Confused? CollegeCandy has their resident dude take on the issue of who is using whom.

You know how dudes are from Mars and ladies are from Venus? No? Well it's this whole thing by this psychologist named John Gray. He's smart, you should look him up. Anywhom, this "men and women are different" meme continues right on through breakups. Em & Lo have their man panel take on how guys handle bad breakups.

Getting dumped is a bad scene. Getting divorced is worse. Getting a messy divorce is exponentially worse. Huffington Post has Mr. Ken Altshuler take on a few things you should absolutely stop doing as you're approaching the end of a marriage. Regular things that may be admissible in court.

He may not be practicing writing some combination of his first and last name and your first and last name on wedding stationary, but there are other signs that he likes you. HowAboutWe provides four of them.

And Evan Marc Katz says that you should not spend your life running after people you are only attracted to. You gotta find someone you can connect with rather than looks good on paper. Essentially, don't go chasing waterfalls.

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