LeAnn Rimes Gets A Foot Tattoo Dedicated To Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes Gets A Foot Tattoo Dedicated To Eddie Cibrian

The country singer's third tattoo is the largest, and possibly, most meaningful.

How... adorable? LeAnn Rimes is so madly in love with her hot hubby of one year, Eddie Cibrian, 38, that she had part of a conversation they once had tattooed on her foot yesterday!

According to the Daily Mail, her foot now reads: "The only one that matters," etched in cursive. Rimes explains that the phrase was from an intimate moment she had with her husband. She boasted on her twitter account:

"Ok....here it is! It's dainty. All of my tattoos are very feminine... it's visible in flip flops and yes very meaningful. It's something Eddie said to me."

Rimes prides herself on feminine tattoos that express emotions or, in one case, poem titles—she has two others that read, "Still I Rise" and "Love" written on her hip and lower back, respectively. The 29-year-old country star was inked this time by Mark Mahoney, the owner of the famous tattoo parlor, Shamrock Social Club (just in case you ever want to run into David Beckham or Lindsay Lohan, they enjoy getting inked there, too).

Cibrian and Rimes recently returned from a fun time in Hawaii where Rimes wore many sexy bikinis. She also exercised her maternal instincts on some of her friends' children according to photos. Rimes has no children of her own just yet, but loves her step-sons, Mason, 8, and Jake, 4. Who can blame her? They are adorable! Babies Are Not On LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian's 2012 Wish List

We're sure Cibrian and Rimes would have adorable children of their own, but for now, we are enjoying her tribute tattoos to love and commitment.

Would you get tattooed for love?

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