The Bachelorette Episode 8: Hometown Dates And Heartbreak

Bachelorette Episode 8

Bachelorette Ashley meets the bachelors' families and tours their respective hometowns.

In case you were sleeping through last week's episode like me, Ashley starts this week off with a mini recap of the bachelors left standing, also known as Constantine, Ben, J.P. and Ames. She reminisces about her men like she hasn't seen them in years. The Bachelorette Episode 7: Then There Were Six

It's finally hometown date time, so Ashley heads to Cumming, Ga., to canoodle with her Greek god, Constantine. He (oddly) owns an Italian restaurant, so he woos her with pizza, which Ashley find incredibly sexy. They then head to Constantine's house, where Ashley charms the pitas off of his enormous Greek family. It's clear this duo is falling hard for one another.

Alas, Ashley still has more dates to power through. Up next is Ames, so Ashley heads to Chadds Ford, Pa., to meet his family, where Ames' sister is a little suspect that Ashley might not be as into her brother as he is into her, so she sits down with Ames and gives him a pep talk to make sure he doesn't blow it. The couple then shares a picnic under a tree, where Ames woos his lady with big words and wine.

Ashley then heads to Sonoma, Calif., to visit Ben at his very own winery. It's a rainy day, so Ben and Ashley sip vino and cuddle on a porch before they meet his mom and sister, who like her OK, but are worried that Ben might not be emotionally ready to commit.

Finally, Ashley heads to Long Island, NY. J.P. takes his lady love for a twirl around a skating rink where they lace up their four-wheelers and make out like teenagers in the middle of the rink. J.P. tells Ashley about his last girlfriend, who apparently shattered his heart. At dinner with his rentals later, his mom echoes this by worrying about J.P. getting hurt again. When J.P.'s mom asks Ashley where her heart is, she confirms that yes, she's smitten by J.P. Still, after all the fun and games, J.P. confesses that he isn't in "lurve" with Ashley yet. 4 Ways Family And Friends Help Our Relationships

At the rose ceremony, Ashley yaps on and on about how all four guys are the bee's knees, but in the end, sends Ames packing. He cries. It's sad. Bst such is life, dude.

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Next week, Ashley takes J.P., Ben and Constantine home to meet her family. Hopefully something interesting will happen. When is it Emily Maynard’s turn to be Bachelorette? Emily Maynard Would Be The Best Bachelorette Of All Time