It's Over For Scarlett Johannson and Sean Penn

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn

The somewhat short-lived ScarPenn union is now a thing of the past.

Despite heating up in record time, the flame has seemingly fizzled between ScarJo and Sean Penn. According to People, the pair has recently called it quits after a few months of dating, though the reason is unknown. However, tongues have been wagging for the last few weeks, thanks to ScarJo's palpable absence and Penn's not-so-subtle late night dalliance with two women at the Cannes Film Festival.

Though both stars are known for being unpredictable, the relationship shift is still somewhat unexpected. Just a month ago, the two attended and seemed rather cozy at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. (Not to mention that steamy Cabo San Lucas tryst where the two were spotted having a romantic Mexican meal together!) And, like so many other celeb couples, baby bump rumors had recently started to surface about the hot-and-heavy twosome. Scarlett Johansson Steps Out With Sean Penn, Fuels Baby Rumors

So what could the real reason behind the out-of-the-blue split be? Perhaps the two were still feeling tender after their respective divorces to Ryan Reynolds and Robin Wright Penn, with ScarJo's split being especially fresh. Or it could have been that whole pesky 24-year age difference. In any case, these sultry stars are back on the market again—but probably not for long judging by their track record!

Photo: INF