Behind Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds' Real Life Romance

Sandra Bullock Ryan Reynolds

Are the two just rebounding or do Sandra and Ryan have what it takes for a long-term relationship?

We all have a top 10 list--the roster of famous people we're allowed to make out with even though we're already in a relationship. So, should we be happy or sad that two of our "top 10"s are dating each other? (On the one hand, it's more likely they'll be in the same place at the same time, so we can get two smooch sessions out of the way with one stone. On the other, what if we're not on *their* top 10 list? It's quite the conundrum.) In spite of our inner conflict, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds seem to be getting on like a house on fire. And since they've known each other for about a decade--the duo first struck up a friendship back in the Two Guys and a Girl days--there may be more to this romance than pretty faces and great abs.

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According to their birth dates, Sandra (born on July 26, 1964) and Ryan (born on October 23, 1976) clearly have a solid basis for being all buddy-buddy. Out of "a sea of psychos, frenemies, bromances and Lohans, they've magically found" each other, and this "low-stress, highly enjoyable...friendship even has levels, too." As pals, these two can "find and return trust and support, but they're also likely to learn from each other." And as if that weren't reason enough to win the BFF prize, "they're all about growth, self-improvement and personal fixer-upper projects...these two can tackle and succeed at anything."

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This would all be well and good, but let's not forget that Sandra and Ryan signed up for the deluxe package--the one that includes both friendship AND groping. Can they hack a long-term love? Possibly. Moonit's romantic reading indicates that this couple is "in for some domestic bliss--that is, if they don't bore each other to tears in the process." Yut-yoh. It's great that they "rarely fight...but while their overall agreement can make for some fun times...what happened to the spice that they were all about in the very beginning?"

If they give things a shot, they'll have to work hard to avoid putting their "relationship on autopilot." They're likely to have "great careers and financial successes," but it's usually "because there isn't much 'action' to distract them." Since this endless "status quo" might eventually "tempt them to stray," Ryan and Sandra need to make sure they inject a "little adventure" into their lives. The occasional spontaneous act "will do them wonders," and sustain this blisteringly hot duo for the long run.

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