Kat Von D Tried To Change A Cheater: Admirable Or Stupid?

Kat Von D Tried To Change A Cheater: Admirable Or Stupid?

As Kat Von D reveals Jesse James cheated on her (19 times), we have to wonder: who's to blame?

It must suck to be Kat Von D today. Last night, she found out about the 19th woman that her former fiancé, Jesse James, slept with when they were together. Yes, you read that right. In what is perhaps the biggest case of "I told you so!" drama in Hollywood history, the infamous cheater and former "Most Hated Man In America" has struck again.

We speculated this summer that he was back to his cheating ways. Why else would the lovey-dovey couple call off their engagement twice? Well, we were right, but we're not too happy about it. Surprise! Kat Von D Now "Not In A Relationship" With Jesse James

"Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year," Von D wrote on her Facebook page Sunday afternoon. "There was a time when I was confident and excited at proving the world wrong, because I believed so deeply in people's ability to change for the better… I still believe that, even if that change never occurs inside of him."

Von D goes on to write how the experience of finding out about Jesse's cheating—over and over again—has taught her a valuable life lesson about regret and only living in the present, not dwelling on the past. A Lesson In Love From Kat Von D. & Jesse James

While it's awful to find out that Jesse is still the cheating scumbag who's now hurt two famous women, we wonder if there was a way for Von D to have avoided this situation. Was her effort to fight the naysayers admirable or foolish?

So far, about 2,894 people have commented on Von D's Facebook post – some praising her for her honesty, others shaming her with endless versions of "I told you so." It's clear everyone has their own opinion in this case, and in most cheating scenarios.

There will always be one giant fence that separates those who think you're the victim from those who don't. Some will argue, "Well, you're stupid for not seeing the warning signs." Others will claim, "But you loved him, it's not your fault—it's his."

Personally, I think that's what enrages us most about cheating. It is never a black-and-white situation. It's messy, ugly, and depressing. The idea that it even occurs is disheartening, but to get to the bottom of why is sometimes too much to handle.

At least Von D is seemingly keeping her head high throughout the situation (though we're not fans of airing dirty laundry online… ever). Hopefully for her sake, she's not reading those 2,894 responses.

Tell us: do you think Kat Von D was admirable or stupid for dating Jesse James?

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