Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Has Herself A New Man... In Italy!

Lindsay Lohan and Phillipp Plein

The actress has taken her relationship with German designer, Phillipp Plein, to a new level.

Lindsay Lohan is mixing business with pleasure, according to a report from INFDaily. Recently, several photos were taken of designer Philipp Plein kissing the, er, actress(?) while they were in Italy. Ms. Lohan just happens to also be representing his Spring 2012 campaign. 

Despite the mushy photos, Lindsay's rep said the two were not together, while Philipp's rep refuses to comment. Naturally, the stars themselves have made no declaration either.

Professionally, the designer seems more than pleased with what LiLo has to offer. "Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images. Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality." Hmm...sounds like Philipp wants to make Lindsay his muse! Is Lindsay Lohan Moving Next Door To Samantha Ronson?

Whether or not this couple is official, the pair have certainly seemed to take their relationship way past professional.

"Lindsay has been staying in Philipp's room every night since she arrived," a source told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column (via Fox News). "There's a lot of chemistry there."

Well, that was quick, considering Lindsay and Philipp just started working together on his line last Friday in Italy. Still, there may be potential for a real "official" romance to happen.

Then again, maybe not... Most Dateable (and Un-Dateable) Hollywood Celebrities!

Photo Credit: Getty