Is Christina Aguilera Dating Benji Madden?

Christina Aguilera
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The recently divorced singer and the Good Charlotte twin may be more than just friends.

One thing is certain: if you are a celebrity who just split up with your partner, there will be no stopping the rumor train that will circle around you. Christina Aguilera did a good job of keeping her marriage to Jordan Bratman out of the public eye, but since their breakup a few weeks ago, she has not been so lucky.   

First, it was the open-marriage rumor that has been tagged onto every celebrity breakup or infidelity as of late, and then it was lesbian romance rumors with Samantha Ronson. The latest to hit the mill is not quite as provocative as the first two but is certainly interesting in its own right. Did Christina Aguilera Have An Open Marriage?  

Perez Hilton has reported, although no one has confirmed just yet, that it is not Sam Ronson of the Nicole Richie crew that has been getting hot and heavy with the diva songstress, but none other than Paris Hilton's ex and twin brother to Nicole's fiance, Benji Madden. Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Split!  

It seems Benji can't get enough of those blonde pop starlets, but what is it about the Good Charlotte rocker that girls find so appealing? Maybe there is a soft sensitive side under all those tattoos. Do you think this rumor could be true?

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