Is 50 Cent Going Down On Chelsea Handler?

50 Cent
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50 Cent makes outs with Chelsea Handler and tweets about oral sex.

It looks like Chelsea Handler has nothing to complain about - well other than her new man's ridiculous (and offensive) behavior. TMZ reports that she was photographed getting "hot and heavy" with 50 Cent at a New Orleans jazz bar the other night, in the wake of another headline grabbing act from the rapper. 

Last week in an attempt to get straight guys to "go downtown" on their women, 50 Cent tweeted:

If you a man and your over 25 and you don't eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol."

Although we totally get behind advocating for a little more from the guys in that department; Fiddy's word choice, delivery, platform (and grammar) were completely off. The tweet came across extremely insensitive, especially after the recent gay teen suicide at Rutgers University, and offended many members of the gay community. 

In an attempt to explain himself, 50 Cent headed back to Twitter and fired off another round of not purposely, but yet again offensive tweets, in which he said that gays "choose an alternative lifestyle." 

Hopefully, at least for his and Chelsea's sake, from now on Fiddy will keep his big mouth shut or at least focused on rapping and that special thing that guys over the age of 25 should be doing for their ladies. Odd Couple Du Jour: Chelsea Handler And 50 Cent

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