3 Things Glee Teaches Us About Love

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As the second season premieres, we recap what Glee teaches us about love.

I'm a lot of things—outgoing, sassy, John Mayer's future wife—but, most of all, I'm a Gleek.

And, if you're like me, you gleeked out last night for the second season premiere of Fox's hit show, Glee. It's been three, long months without Finn Hudson's face, Mr. Schue's raps, and Rachel's drama—but now all is right with the world. We met the new football coach, androgynous Shannon Beiste, Rachel Barry 2.0, Sunshine Corazon, and blonde quarterback, Sam Evans, whose cover of "Billionaire" had me swooning. There were songs, slushies, and crack houses but, as always, there was love. Which 'Glee' Guy Is Your Type?

Here are three things Glee teaches us about love:

1. It makes you strong. Before singing "To Sir with Love" to Mr. Schue after losing Regionals last season, the members acknowledged that the club had changed them and though technically they were losers, they were really winners. They had found the courage to pursue what they love and with the support of their glee club family, they were strong enough to take on the negativity. With the right support system, we can all do the same. Pursuing our passions doesn't always merit positive feedback, but why do you need someone else's approval? It's about what makes you happy, not them.

2. It's worth the fight. One word: Finchel. After Finn found out Puck was the father of girlfriend Quinn's baby, he was done with her. After sectionals, we thought there was hope for him and Rachel, but not if his ego or Jesse St. James would have anything to do with it. Even though Finn realized he didn't want to find his inner rock star after all and Rachel was too naïve to see Jesse for who he really was, the two never really gave up hope for their relationship. If we really feel we're meant to be with someone, then don't give up. If the right signs are there, then the problems you see aren't really problems. If a girl is resistant or playing hard to get, it's because she's making sure her man is here to stay and serious about his feelings for her. Love can be unpredictable and messy, but isn't it worth it? When To Give Your Ex A Second Chance

3. It takes you by surprise. So, Tina dumped Artie for Mike Chang—er, Mike Chang's abs—and to win her back, Artie wants to try out for the football team. Tina innocently fell in lust with Mike and sometimes that's how it is. You can't plan whom you'll be attracted to or fall in love with. It's not something we always have control over. In another aspect, Quinn, post-pregnancy, wants her spot on the Cheerios cheerleading squad back, demoting Santana in the process. Towards the end of the episode, when Santana is at the bottom of the pyramid, we see something in Quinn's face that reveals maybe she doesn't love being head cheerleader as much as she thought. It's an important lesson to learn that it doesn't feel good to hurt someone for something we think we love.

Readers, are you Gleeks, too? What does the show teach you about love?