Is Jessica Simpson's New Man Using Her?

Is Jessica Simpson's New Man Using Her?
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Jessica Simpson strikes out again, according to the latest tabloid reports. While we were pretty surprised to see Simpson moving so fast with her new beau, Eric Johnson, and we weren't totally buying the couple's very public PDA sessions, we still hoped the unlucky-in-love singer had finally found herself a decent guy. But according to Star magazine, Simpson may be headed for more heartbreak. Jessica Simpson Has Questionable Taste In Men

Insiders tell the magazine that the former 49er, who is currently unemployed and technically still married (although legally separated from his wife), has ulterior motives for dating Simpson—mainly fame and money.

Apparently, Johnson, who hasn't worked since being dropped from the New Orleans Saints in 2008, is happily staying with Jess rent free and enjoying the perks of having a rich and somewhat naive girlfriend, letting her pay for everything and buy him stuff. Not too bad of a deal for Johnson, who previously admitted that he's not interested in working hard for his money, saying "I saw how many hours my mom worked and didn't want to get caught in that cycle."

Since selling the home he once owned with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Johnson hasn't had a permanent residence; and with the divorce threatening to cost him half of everything, sources say he sees The Price of Beauty host as his meal ticket. But it looks like Simpson is good for much more than a good meal—she's his ticket to the good life, taking him on a lavish vacation in Italy that included lounging on her $5,000-a-day chartered yacht and staying in a $3000-a-night suite at the Hotel Hassler in Rome, buying him a new wardrobe from Bloomingdales and putting him up at her cushy $5 million mansion in Redwood, California.

According to an insider, Simpson, who has suffered a series of public heartbreaks since her divorce from Nick Lachey, refuses to see the truth about her latest romance. "Jessica is so starved for love, she doesn't see any of Eric's faults. She's totally been paying for everything in their relationship. It doesn't seem like Eric intends to stop that anytime soon." Jessica Simpson Broken Up

Still, Simpson may not be as naive as she appears. There's speculation that the notorious airhead is using the ex-football player too. After all, Johnson conveniently came into the picture right before her 30th birthday and many of the shots of the two together seem pretty staged. Regardless of her motivation, we're hoping life throws the former Newlyweds star a bone one of these days, so she can finally get her love life (and career) back on track. Jessica Simpson Fights Back

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Via Star. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.