Russell Brand And Katy Perry Fight All The Time

Katy Perry and fiance, Russell Brand
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Although the smoking hot duo can't seem to keep their hands off each other on the red carpet, according to the New York Daily News, Katy Perry and Russell Brand have had a rocky relationship since day one.
"They fight and make-up constantly," a friend of the pop diva's revealed about the couple who first went public last September, when the singer took Brand as her date to model, Janelle Fishman's wedding.
But apparently, the couple's constant bickering isn't a recent phenomenon. An insider reports that the pair even got into a tiff during Fishman's wedding after Brand, a recovering alcoholic, got mad at Perry for drinking too much. According to the source, the night ended with Brand sleeping alone in the couple's hotel room while Perry bunked up with a friend.
And despite their recent engagement, sources say that Perry still has issues with her fiance's reputation as a ladies' man. (Who can blame her? The former sex addict received the British tabloid, The Sun's "Shagger of the Year Award" so many times that they renamed the honor for him.) Russell Brand: Sex Machine
Another insider says that there have been many fights over other women and as recently as last month's MTV Movie Awards, Katy accused the Get Him To The Greek star of cheating. But it looks like the pop star can't stay mad at her shaggy haired beau for long. Although the reportedly quarreling twosome arrived to the event separately and sat apart, they were seen holding hands just a few hours later during the after-party.
While friends of the couple speculated from the beginning that the romance wouldn't last (and we're still not totally sure what Perry sees in the nutty British comic), with their upcoming nuptials just two months away, they may defy all expectations and prove that opposites do in fact, attract. Katy Perry & Russell Brand To Marry In Maui?
As one of Perry's friends remarked, "It's a cycle" and one that this "hot and cold" couple appears to enjoy riding out. Russell Brand And Katy Perry Are Sickeningly Happy
Via Daily News. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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