Is Sex And The City 2 Right About Marriage?

sex and the city 2 carrie and big

Sex and the City 2 is ridiculously over-the-top, but what about its presentation of marriage?

If there's one thing we learned from the second Sex and the City movie, it's that we're in the wrong income bracket.

If there's a second thing we learned, it's that we're not trying hard enough. (Seriously; do we need to start wearing stilettos around our condo in order to keep the fires burning? Some of us have just been wearing bunny slippers.)

If there's a third lesson to be had—though we didn't really attend the screening in order to be taught any lessons; SATC is pure, frothy fun... nothing more—it's that when it comes to marriage, you can make your own rules.

Sex and the City 2 opened with the big, fat, gay wedding of Stanford and Anthony. Amidst all the ridiculousness—an all-male choir dressed all in white; swans; Liza Minelli—screenwriters immediately let audiences know which Big Lesson they were in for. Anthony quipped that he was allowed to cheat on Stanford in all the states where gay marriage was still illegal. Charlotte was predictably horrified. Anthony was defensive. And we were left to ponder the possibility of challenging traditional marriage with a few of our own rules. A Mini-Vacation From Monogamy

The theme continued as we followed Carrie and Mr. Big back home. Two years into their marriage, Big has become a laid-back couch potato, and Carrie is worried that they're becoming the boring, old married couple she'd always worked to avoid. She craves "sparkle." Fed up, she spends a couple days alone in her old apartment. It was nice but, when Big suggests that they take two days off from each other every week, she immediately starts worrying that their marriage is crumbling. Still, she reluctantly agrees. After all, they're a nontraditional couple. Shouldn't they be able to make their own rules? 7 Surprising Facts About The New American Family

I'll let you find out what happens next on your own. Basically, however, we're meant to learn that you can create a marriage that feels right to you, but that a healthy dose of tradition still matters.

After this Love Buzzer went home, she thought about the truth in this simple lesson.

Well, first she "window-shopped" for shoes online, and then she thought about marriage, and what marriage should look like. And, in general, she agreed with SATC2. It is okay to break some of the rules. 

How many marriage rules have you broken?