Pakistani Star Has Trouble With Indian Women

shoaib malik

Most Americans probably don't know much about cricket, aside from the fact that the sport exists, and is largely played by OVER THERE. But, by and large, we do know that Pakistan and India, together with Bangladesh, were King Solomon-ed from the UK colony India that once encompassed the entire subcontinent. Since the schism 60-odd years ago, for differences cultural, religious and territorial, the countries have vacillated between being rivals and straight-up enemies. And this rivalry, of course, extends into foreign relations, nuclear proliferation and sports.

With that brief history lesson behind us, the fact remains that most of us don't know the name Shoaib Malik. But he is a BFD in the international cricket scene. Think A-Rod sans the Madonna drama and the $25 million-per-year salary. And, according to certain reports, this particular Pakistani was married to an Indian woman over the phone back in 2002, an event he has claimed didn't actually happen. Read: Pakistani Cricket Player Claims Marriage Was A Sham

Now, per the BBC, he's set to marry another Indian woman: Sania Mirza, a tennis star. Unfortunately, that betrothal has been put on the back burner until someone can get to the bottom of all this previous-marriage beeswax. In fact, Malik's passport has be yoinked by busybody elders and chippy authorities. In order to marry tennis-playing star Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik had to admit that he was indeed married to the other young woman, Ayesha Siddiqui, and was then granted a divorce. Talk about your sticky wicket, right, riiiiiight? Check the BBC link for more on this cross-border saga. 50% Of Women Regret Marrying Their Husbands

It's tough to impart just how much of a clusterfluff this is in the minds of Indians angry at this upstart Pakistani for playing with the hearts of their women. Is there even an American equivalent? How about James Bond marrying a Bond villainess during the Cold War? Wait, Bond's a Brit. Like Garry Kasparov marrying Bobby Fisher? Um, both are dudes. What about the Russian hockey team marrying Mary Lou Retton? Forget it. Just know that it's a big deal, like if Wonder Woman married Dr. Doom. I believe we can all hang our hats on that comparison. One Love, Two Cultures: Making It Work

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