Jack Black Compares Marriage to Gardening

Jack Black

The 'Gulliver's Travels' actor shares marriage tips and reflects on parenthood.

The words 'romantic, caring, and supportive' may not immediately spring to mind when you think of Jack Black, but a recent interview with Parade has brought out the comedian's sweeter side.

Jack, who married his wife Tanya Haden in 2006, credits communication with the success of his marriage—well, that and quality television.

"Communication is key—listening and sharing, finding a good TV show to watch together. My wife and I have really been into Project Runway," said Jack (via azcentral.com).

The happy couple first met at Crossroads, a private high school in Santa Monica, and chance brought them together again 15 years later at a friend's birthday party. The two have more than a Crossroads education in common. Tanya, like Jack, is a musician. Unlike Jack, however, Tanya, the daughter of jazz double bassist Charlie Haden, is a professional cellist.

The pair started dating shortly after they were reunited at the party, and Jack asked Tanya to marry him during the Christmas season of 2005 (with a $220,000 Neil Lane ring no less). They eloped in March of the following year in Big Sur, California.

Besides communication, the Kung Fu Panda 2 star also follows the other "C" rule of marriage: compromise. He makes sure to find time to spend with his wife, and takes part in activities she likes.

"Being a good husband is like being a gardener. You've got to give your partner lots of water and sunshine (love and support)," he said. Who knew the Tenacious D singer, whose lyrics from songs such as "Sex Song" do little to hint at Jack's sentimental views, was such a romantic?