When Flirting Means Playing A Character


Sometimes you have to mix it up to make a good first impression.

Being a human-being (and thinking and saying and doing) means sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone. Unless you're The Most Interesting Man In The World, you may have to fake it until you make it here and there. Unless you're moving from being a socially-awkward recluse to a world famous motivational speaker, nowhere is stepping outside of your comfort zone so necessary as dating. There's a reason that boozin' leads to shmoozin' which leads to smoochin'. How Drinking Saved Our Marriage

But if you don't want to make liquor a relationship crutch (between the judging, the very bad decisions and the liver Cirrhosis, it's not a great long-term dating strategy), you'll need to figure out a different way to get more comfortable with your discomfort. That's when playing a character comes in handy. There's an acting technique (nerd, I know) that stresses using a part of your own personality (you know an id, ego, super ego, super news or ultra id) to embody a character rather than creating one whole cloth. And, when done in a dating / flirting scenario, it means putting a tiny, non-booze aided barrier between your real self and rejection. Not an aegis that should be permanently wielded but certainly help up until you get your foot in the door. Just don't go all Nurse Betty on it. And before you declare that this is "lying," remember that the "real" us rarely shows up early on in the dating process. It takes a while before our warts, scars and credit scores see light of day. Make it good first impression.

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