Will Gabriel Aubry Be Kim Kardashian's Baby Daddy Too?

Kim Kardashian

It seems that the reality star wants more than an engagement ring from Gabriel Aubry…

We recently told you that Kim Kardashian was thinking about pulling a Jessica Simpson: You know, by getting engaged right after her ex (Reggie Bush) so as not to let him win at the wedding game (followed, we assume by the inevitable quickie Hollywood divorce game.) And as we reported, Kim's got her eyes set on Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. But now it looks like Kim wants to one up Reggie by having a baby with her new squeeze. (It probably doesn't hurt that her sister Khloe is married and trying for twins and her other sister, Kourtney already has a baby.)

And who can blame Kim? After all, Gabriel is a gorgeous male model, and judging by Nahla, his offspring are destined to be pretty good looking themselves. But according to a source at the good old National Enquirer, Kim also hopes Nahla's good behavior is a genetic trait.

"Kim was blown away by how well-mannered and well-behaved Nahla is. She thinks that’s proof Gabriel is doing a terrific job parenting," the source told the Enquirer. "Her family’s already met Gabe and given him the thumbs-up. I think Kim would love to be married and pregnant by the end of the next year."

Yep, married and preggars by next year! Not that the Kardashians are known to rush into things (ahem, Khloe and Lamar).

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Gabriel Aubry's original baby mama is too happy about her baby daddy becoming the go-to sperm donator for Hollywood's singletons (could Jen Aniston be next?) According to In Touch Weekly, Halle is freaking out over the thought of Kim Kardashian becoming Nahla's new step-mother. Of course, it doesn't help that Gabriel is allegedly taunting Halle with the prospect of having a reality star help raise Nahla. (Perhaps she's worried that Nahla will go from a well-behaved toddler to Playboy centerfold and sex tape star, like Ms. Kim? Not exactly step-mom material, huh?)

"Halle would not be happy to see Kim with Nahla. She wants her daughter out of the spotlight—not with a reality star that has been in a porno," a source told Star. Halle also can’t be pleased that Kim is 14 years younger than her and sleeping with her ex.

"Halle is really struggling with Kim and Gabriel’s relationship,” the same source also blabbed to the tabloid. “It really bothers her that he’s moved on to a woman who is so much younger."

But it looks like Gabriel and Kim have no plans to slow their relationship down. In fact, Gabriel plans to spend Christmas with the Kardashians (sounds like an ABC special, no?), which hopefully we'll get to watch on the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We just wonder if Gabriel will be bringing Nahla to the Kardashian festivities this year….

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin