To Google Or Not To Google A Date

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To google or not to google a date? 4 guidelines to follow.

You knows the scenario, you meet somebody new, finagle a first and last name, go home, let it gel and then your computer screws it all up. "Find out more!" it hisses "C'mon. Don't you want"

Yes. The obvious answer is yes, and before you know it you're double-clicking your way through said person's Facebook page (OMG! It's public) and reading their poorly written Tumblr and grimacing at a slew of mundane tweets. Suddenly you aren't so excited about that upcoming date. Damn Google. Google Maps Help You Find A Local Lay

Honestly, at this point, it shouldn't be a question of whether or not you should (because you will) Internet stalk—but how you should deal with the information the world wide web provides. Here'a a handy guide.

1.) Don't be overly judgmental. Assuming their aren't any major, major red flags (a friend recently stumbled upon a news piece about a prospective date whose ex had a restraining order against him) try not to be overly judgmental. Depending on what they do for a living or how Internet-savvy they are, the new object of your desire could have an arsenal of thoughts, pictures, musings and minutiae floating about in the Google stratosphere. As is the case with online dating profiles, not everyone is blessed with the talent of peddling themselves attractively online. Don't be the person who writes somebody off because he has a few cheesy entries in a blog. At least wait for him to woo you with a string of cliched text messages and then feel free to call it quits. Facebook Causes Romantic Jealousy

2.) Keep age in mind. We know for a fact there are some articles from our college paper tucked neatly into the folds of a name search just waiting to be exposed on the computer screens of 2010. Then there are the Facebook pictures of that terrible pixie haircut gone wrong that have unfortunately resurfaced, and, well, we'd hate for a suitor to think that's an accurate representation of who we are today. People do grow up and change. Twitter Flirting Rules

3.) Don't bring it up on the first date. Nothing screams insane estrogen-soaked harpy like rattling off Google findings as if skimming from a resume. By all means, keep your mouth shut. Let them tell you about their sister who lives in DC or the time the local news station interviewed them about being a vegetarian. Exception: If they do something creative or artistic and you happen to find something of theirs you very much enjoyed, then feel free to pass on the flattery. First Date Dos and Don'ts

4.) Don't judge them harshly if there isn't anything. How frustrating. Your fingertips were busy, busy and you dedicated an hour of your evening to digging and found nothing. Absolutely nothing. But wait—isn't it kind of lame? Who has nothing on a Google search? Should you be suspicious? Relax. Some people don't revel in social networking or have a super common name or any other mixture of variables that might make them close to extinct on Google. The only time it should matter? If somebody tries to pass themselves off as something they aren't. Any neurosurgeon or lawyer is going to have some mention of themselves online. So keep that in mind.