Amy Winehouse Smooches Ex Before Rehab Curfew

Amy Winehouse Kissing Blake

It's full steam ahead for these two demented love birds.

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil seem to be in love again... or at least they're settling back into their dysfunctional rut. The two were seen on a date night in Camden, London this week, and we're wondering if they've gotten back together for real. Amy Winehouse: Engaged, Breeding, Throwing Punches

The two might have divorced last summer, but they were seen at Jamon Jamon in Camden, having tapas. The ever-watchful paparazzi caught the two smooching on the lips after their restaurant meal.

Rumor has it that Amy and Blake are just testing the waters, because they've actually only seen each other a few times since the divorce. Maybe Blake Fielder-Civil is eyeing Amy Winehouse's amazing new apartment in London that she's rumored to have purchased for a staggering £2.5 million? It sounds like an amazing place. Winehouse Secretly Facebooking Ex-Husband

"Amy has been house-hunting for months and finally found somewhere that meets all her needs. It is large and homely and has everything," a source told The Sun.

Amy's house would be good to share with a partner, considering that it's a five-bedroom one with a sauna, four bathrooms, a gym and space for a recording studio. In an ideal situation, Amy would get herself back on track in her new home, record some amazing material, and stay away from Blake.

We'll stay tuned to see if they get back together. Do you think they will?

Written by Meieli Sawyer Detoni for LimeLife.

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